Saturday, October 06, 2007

Assessments: Baseball

Would it really surprise anyone to know that ol' Stupid here, lifelong resident of the NY Metropolitan Area, is a Cleveland Indians fan? A long-suffering, often beaten-down Cleveland Indians fan? Believe it.

Pop and I have been overdosing on baseball. We have been tuned to TBS for countless hours, taking in as much as we can stand. The series so far have been entertaining, if not great.

So, who else is watching the Divisional Series?

So far:

  • How funny my life is around here with the Indians up 2 games to 0 on the Yankees. I'm not a loud-mouth Indians fan. I root quietly. But it's 2-0 so far, folks. I have running bets with friends who are Yankees fans, and this may be the first time in a whole lotta years that I actually win one. I'm still paying off bets from 2001! (not money...they're "winner says, loser does" type bets.)

  • I think the Colorado Rockies will be the team to beat.

  • Good baseball players can get caught looking at a third strike in a clutch situation. Great ballplayers go down swinging. That opinion will never change. You never get that "lucky" hit if you don't swing.

  • How funny, in this day and age, that a stadium can go dark during a game? Happened in the 2nd inning in Colorado, in case you weren't watching.

  • I've never seen a player as one-dimensional as the Red Sox's Manny Ramirez. He plays the outfield like I do. But I'm handicapped.

  • Alfonso Soriano is probably the most expensive final out in history. 8 years, 136 mil. Fitting that he went 2 for 14 in the NLDS.

  • I hear Indians Fans referring to Alex Rodriguez as O-Rod. As in 0 for 6?

OK, that's enough.


  1. Go Cleveland!!
    I would've loved to see the Mets in it but they blew it. :)

    You had me thinking with this....
    "Good baseball players can get caught looking and great players go down swinging."
    "You never get that lucky hit if you don't swing."

    It's like life can't let it pass you by. Happy, successful people don't stand there watching it all pass them by.

    I hope Pop is doing well, this isn't easy and I'm sure you're a true comfort to him and a wonderfull caregiver. I watched my father go through and battle cancer to the end....not an easy thing to do. Hang in there and my thoughts and prayers are with you both.


  2. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Go Cubs! Ah, yeah right. Cubs suck. Looks like you got your way this year. Bye bye Cubs, and bye bye Yankees!


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