Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Aw Nuts

Why are we listening to anything Jimmy Carter has to say? This man is making declarations about "major blunders", but if I remember correctly, his Middle East policy wasn't much above a Three Stooges routine, and yet he's giving interviews as though he were some wise Sage.

The man was a political moron, so how did he become elevated to Elder Statesman status?

He's declared that the US in fact does use torture tactics. My question to that is, "how does he know?" Assumptions don't become facts just because you state them on CNN.

This country needs better wise men than this.


  1. It's the Democratic Party; after all they put Howard Dean in as the chairman.

    You have it right: Carter was (and is) a political moron.

  2. I don't see ANY politician as all bad. Nor do I see any as all good, for that matter! (I realize you're not saying that, but it sometimes comes across that way).
    Besides, I kinda like it when people get wise with age...even if they were once "morons". And lord knows, there are lots of THOSE all the parties. (AND in life).
    I'll stop now. You'll thank me.

  3. I don't think I can agree with Carter not being a wise man....maybe not the best statesman or politician...but he has helped change the world of many working poor with his influence and activity in the Habitat for Humanity.

    Storms Whisper and Oceans Scream:

  4. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I am having SUCH a hard time trying to find a politician I actually like without a doubt. I don't think it's possible, which is really scary. I think they're all full of it. Politics as usual. I don't even know what party I side with anymore.. But that's a personal problem, I guess!


  5. "Why are we listening to anything Jimmy Carter has to say?"

    ::sigh:: I think I'm in love... lol

    Seriously though, could not agree more. He makes my skin crawl. He's fine when it comes to his humanitarian stuff, but politics... He fell off his rocker before he was elected. Now he's just a cranky old man that's totally disconnected from everyday life.

    Loved it :oD (My mother would love you eternally for this post lol)


  6. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Hi Jimmy;
    I'm not going to argue with you about the idea that Carter was a great or even good president. We all know better. He did accomplish one thing and that is the Camp David Accords. They work. Isreal and Egypt haven't been at war since the Six Day War, and I honestly don't think there would be peace between them if not for Carter.
    On the other hand, whatever his opinion is of Dick Cheney should not be expressed while he is sitting in front of a BBC mike. Not smart.

  7. Had this same discussion with my husband. We decided he's gone nuts, but I don't understand why he gets any air time.

  8. Couldn't agree with you more. Everytime I see that he's been interviewed and given his "opinion" again I just think of what a horrible President he was himself and think glass houses, Carter, Glass Houses.

  9. Hi Jimmy,
    I'm no fan of politicians these days but -- if a former president has something to say -- I think that's his privilege. Of course, we don't have to listen. Personally, I don't!

  10. Carter has been getting on my nerves for quite some time. He was a total disaster as President, those in the know always described him as a mean man, and his "brilliant" ideas were indirectly responsible for Sadat being assassinated. (Yeah, I just said that, and I meant it.) He does his good deeds for Habitat for Humanity, and that is wonderful. He found his niche. That niche is not in front of a microphone.


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