Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Potentially Incorrect

I think I hear hearts breaking all over the world tonight.

yeah. right

Truthfully now, when I haven't been watching baseball with Pop, I've been looking for some new shows to watch. New for me, anyway.

I've been getting a kick out of "Big Bang Theory", and I recommend it. But there's another show that I have begun watching regularly: "Ghost Whisperer". The storylines are awesome because they take what could be a series of cheap-thrill scare stories, and make them very believable. Or at worst, enjoyable.

But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that there's something else about that show that I like very much. I happen to think that Jennifer Love Hewitt is stunning. She has the nicest hair and the prettiest eyes I think I've seen in a very long time.

Just had to share that.


  1. And the fact that she has a large bust size doesn't mean anything? J/K. I know you're not that shallow ;-)

  2. Usually, I tend to agree with your taste in women. This time? not so much.

    Oh well...

  3. I'm fairly certain that about 99.9% of the hetero male population would agree with you.

  4. I just love the Ghost Whisperer. When I am not doing anything on Friday night I will watch it or I will dvr it. Jennifer Love Hewitt is so pretty on the show and I just wish I looked as good sometimes. I love the stories. Hope you are doing good JP. It was so very nice chatting with you. Luv ya!!

  5. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I agree she is a cutie lyy

  6. Yep... she's very beautiful. I agree!

  7. Anonymous12:52 AM

    I can't stand her voice!

  8. Anonymous4:37 PM

    I know the fact that she is known as Jennifer Love "Hugetits" has nothing to do with your liking the show, right?? ; )
    I liked her on Party of Five years ago...



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