Saturday, October 06, 2007

El Dios Bendice América

Well here's a gentleman who helps prove that Americans (?) will do anything for a buck. This fella runs ads on English-language television stations, but with a twist: he speaks Spanish in the ads, and puts the English in subtitles. Yayyy USA!

My problem isn't so much that he's helping to eliminate the need for people to learn to speak English, because I'm convinced that there are people who would trade their own Moms if they could make a buck, so this isn't a surprise.

What bothers me is that this gentleman states that he is trying to identify with the customer base that supports him, but yet he doesn't want to take the time to actually learn to the language. (On CNN he said he has to read the Spanish off of cue cards because he doesn't speak Spanish). So while he portrays himself as some kind of crusader, his unwillingness to make the effort to learn the language of the community he identifies with sort of leaves me thinking of the words "patronizing" and "insincere." Oh, and exploitive.

Anyway, have a peek.


  1. Good Grief! Can we vote a new law in. How about if you want to live or work in our country you have to speak our language. Which language is that? The English Language! (Hugs) Indigo

  2. This is a real sore spot for me. I'm all about live and let live, and acceptance of differences, but in no way shape or form have I ever - or will I ever agree with someone living in this country, and not having to learn English. This guy is encouraging that... Ugh!!


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