Saturday, October 06, 2007

Evenings With Pop

I made Pop a bowl of oatmeal this morning. Not "real" oatmeal, "instant" oatmeal. It's what he likes.

He didn't want lunch, but really had a craving for fried chicken tonight. That's what we ate during baseball. I had to break up the game for myself a little, because we need clean clothes, so it was downstairs to the laundry room. I sat and folded the stuff while we watched the second game of the evening.

Along about the third inning, he looked at me and said, "Ya know, you're gonna make someone a good wife someday..."

Gotta love this guy, huh?


  1. i've said it before jimmy and i'll say it again... you are one amazing guy!!! you're wife wasn't stupid btw... she got a divorce which allows her to "fool around", she's got alimony/child support, or both, she's got at times a "live in babysitter" and all around fix it guy that will do just about anything asked of him, a great dad for the kids, a sitter for the dog... jeez, the only thing she doesn't have is sex with you!!! or perhaps that's something not discussed, LOL. i'd say you definetly got the short end of the stick on that deal my friend :(

    live & learn i guess :):)

  2. Nice one. Do you clean too?

  3. That's hilarious. You should write a book.

  4. That's adorable, Jimmy.

  5. Hi Jimmy,
    Your Pop sounds like a fun guy. Maybe he could help you fold?


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