Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just Be

I really believe it's natural for us to always want what we don't have, or to aspire to bigger and better things. I also think, however, that there is way to much attention paid to materialism, whether through celebrity press, reality TV and ridiculous shows like Dr. Phil. We've created unrealistic ambitions and desires because more and more, good, decent people are out there hurting. They think that they don't measure up because, maybe, they're living life based on "traditional" values.

I think we need to stop. I think people need to stop assessing themselves on a daily basis. There's always been the "real" world, and the "fantasy" world, but somehow, we've blurred the line between the two a little two much.

What hurts me personally, is to see others hurting. People who are decent, whose hands I'd put my life in, are out there feeling as though they're not getting it done because they don't "fit the profile".

I've been on both sides of a lot of fences. "Success" really isn't about money and wealth. Success is very fleeting, to me, because it's a measure of how you've made a positive difference in even one life. We often measure "Failure" by the same yardstick, and I think the only time we fail is when we don't take the opportunity to do someone else a kindness when we have the chance.

I think we need to take a deep breath. I think we need to realize that, despite all the people making money by telling other people what they already know, that it really is ok to just "be". Just do the things that make ourselves and others happy, and not necessarily on a grand scale, either.

Life is all about aspiring to do better, reaching for the brass ring, and all that. I don't dispute that. What kind of treasure chest ever had just one jewel in it, right? We have to remember that a good life is made up of a whole lot of little pieces all put together just right. But each piece is unique to us. Someone else's life, their belongings, oh that might fill the chest up, but will it make it valuable, really?

Time to lighten up a whole hell of a lot, folks. I'm tired of good people not feeling so good.


  1. my st. g,
    i am so glad to read your words. it reassures me to be. to be ok with who i am and where i am at and that it is enough, even if it is just for today, to just be. we expect superhuman extraordinary things of the very people who have limited resources to achieve those expectations. we tell people to be good, to forgive, to accept; and yet treat them with disdain and don't practice those very things ourselves.
    thanks for reminding me to ease up, on others and on myself, debra

  2. " really is ok to just 'be."

    Bingo, Jimmy.



  3. Good food for thought.

    We live in a consumer driven society. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Many of the extremely wealthy tend to be unhappy. Why? Because they realize their lives are empty. Just look at Hollywood. 'Nuff said.

    To me success is achieving your goals, becoming the best that you can be, and just being an overall good person. We need to have balance in life.

  4. Anonymous4:34 PM

    This really hit home for me, Jimmy.. So often, I "measure" my success by what I have or have not rather than by what I do. I often feel that I am not "happy", and yet I find reason to smile every day and I DO see the smiles I bring to others. That's happiness, really. That's success. I have always counted my blessings, yet have somehow felt I've missed many chances and allow myself to think of the "what if's" far more often than I should. You're so right... We all need to learn to "just be" as well as to "let it be". Everything has it's reason ~ and season.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  5. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Funny. As I read your entry, Oprah is on with a woman who spends 3x what her husband makes each month($5000 x 3). Their 6 kids don't have health insurance.Etc.Her reason? Her mom was and husband is overbearing. WTF? Suze Orman to the rescue!(Oprah is on because we have tornado stuff going on.I rarely watch.)

    Jackie aka Bamawmn

  6. I couldn't agree more, Jimmy. My ultimate dream - as you know - is a very simple life by a beach somewhere. Of course, there is always that little voice in my head egging me on to try and accomplish more. I have noticed, though, that with age that voice is nearing a whisper. I knew there had to be more benefits to growing older! ;)

  7. Great post Jimmy. I think that one of the great goals in life is to notice that there are plenty of causes for satisfaction. Of course we can all do a little better, work a little harder, take advantage of more opportunities to be kind. But it's also important to pause and recognize that we have all done much, been much, and accomplished much in our own little spheres. We all deserve a happy sigh of satisfaction now and again.

  8. It is unfortunate that for many of us it takes a life changing event to realize that the best way to live life may not be the way we have been doing it.
    In my new simpler existence I relish my days of being able to "Just be" in terms of just being me or just being a wife or a friend or a mother.
    Missing you friend!

  9. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Great entry!
    I could go into a long, long, longggg comment about my feelings on this..but I will spare you : )
    I decided to check your blog glad I did...I have some catching up to do!

    Take care,


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