Monday, July 02, 2007


Comments. Yes, we all love comments. We love getting them, but I think we also like leaving them for people, too.

So how would you feel, if something went wrong with the blogging platform you use, and the comments section wouldn't work? It'd kind of bug me, and I assume most of you wouldn't be too happy either. I'm not talking about people who disable comments, I don't care about that. I'm talking about having a blog that invites comments, but that due to some technical glitch, they don't get through.

Weblogs has a whole bunch of mostly "professional" blogs out there. I found one, called "Styledash", where they mostly make fun of the latest "fashion trends" and the pompous idiots who parade around in these atrocities. I get some laughs over there, and like to leave a comment or 10,000.

Only, for better than a week now, the comment function doesn't work. They do that thing where they send a confirmation email containing a link that you must click to activate the comment. But the click does nothing.

See, half the fun for me over there wasn't leaving comments, it was reading the 100's of comments they'd get when they wrote something particularly bratty.

I just hope this doesn't give Blogger any ideas. For the most part, this works pretty well, no?


  1. But... but comments... I... I love comments... Comments are a happy place....

    I honestly think it'd make me nuts if I couldn't comment on my regular sites lol

  2. Gotta love comments. It's just not the same without them.


I love comments. I won't lie about that!