Friday, July 13, 2007

Word Play

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWell, it looks like the folks at Merriam-Webster have given us a few more words to remember. They've added "ginormous" to the lexicon, for all our fine friends in the Happy Meal Culture. And the People Who Like To Make Everything They Do Sound Impressive get one too: instead of saying "lettuce shoots" or "baby plants" we can now use "microgreens". Yay.

And of course, our legacy grows with the addition of the word "crunk", which I thought was the combination of "crazy" and "drunk", (and we could use another word for that because nowadays, "idiot" is just to broad a term). But, because we're never too old to learn (it's the remembering that hurts me), I've discovered that "crunk", at least by this dictionary definition, is a style of Southern Rap music.

Oh well.

I guess our grandparents had similar emotions when rock-n-roll became a Movement instead of a movement, right?

We've got IED (improvised explosive devices) so that folks can have another nice word to shout about now that WMD's seem to have fallen out of vogue; DVR (digital video recorder) one of which broke here just recently.

Oh, and folks, don't go gettin' all cocky now with "ginormous". We didn't invent it. The British used it over 60 years ago. Occasionally, of course. We just made it our Word of The Day.

Unfortunately, for me, they didn't remove "amazing". I asked them to make an addition to the definitions that are already there, namely "yogurt and phone plans are not amazing", but I think they deleted that email without reading it.

So, go have a ginormous salad, made with microgreens, listen to your crunk, or watch an amazing movie on your DVR. Just watch for the IED's ok?

Final note, if the nitwits can have "ginormous", why can't the knuckleheads have "nucular?"


  1. I love the word ginormous. I don't care...the Brits can't take credit for it.

  2. I happen to like YOUR definition of Crunk a whole lot better.

    Also...I won't be surprised when I start seeing some more words added. I hear quite a few words that I just know are not least not yet!


  3. heehee...for me and the crew of friends I hung with in Japan, 'crunk' means to hit on someone or have a mad crush at least. I think it all started with this chocolate:

    As for 'ginormous' I've always spelt it with a 'y'. Don't you think gynormous looks better? :)


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