Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weight a Minute

Most of the time, people who obsess about dieting, eating, blahblahblah, usually spend a lot of time fighting that war. Again, I'm not Adonis, my body is sure to punish me whenever I let go of the dietary guidelines by keeping the fat around to remind me.

But I know from past experience that you can't spend every waking moment planning meals, dodging temptation, etc. It will drive you nuts. You have to live, you just have to modify how you live a little. You didn't get fat in three days, you're not going to reverse it in three days either. I'm not always patient, but when the right reasons come along, I can find patience in a big way.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI went to a very nice restaurant yesterday. Italian cuisine. Very nice. I ordered whatever I wanted, and then I ate just enough to be full and satisfied. That meant there was some food left on the plate. Yep, the "Clean Plate Club" is not something I belong to, and I put the knife and fork down when the belly said "No Vacancy". I had bread, Chicken Marsala, salad WITH DRESSING, and I even had some dessert, a fancy little recipe with a little cappucino mousse and cake mixed together. I didn't wipe it out...I had a few bites, about half the portion, and the brain said, "Okeydoke, that's plenty."

I went home feeling satisfied, and not on the hunt for something more to fill the void. Not a bad deal.

And, this morning, I exercised.

That awful word.

So, that's the Diet story for the day.


  1. I LOVE Italian food. That looks good.

    I'm totally with ya' on the just making minor changes. I'd go crazy if I were counting calories all the time, measuring amounts, or eliminating my favorite foods. It's all about cutting back, changing out a few things, and eating good foods. And of course the 'E' word (exercise). Plus, I figure since I exercise almost regularly, I can justify some of those more fattening foods.

    But good job on the diet/exercise routine thus far!!

  2. GOOD for you!

    I write this as I'm nibbling on Reese's pieces. AND, when I'm done--I will go get on my exercise bike. :)


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