Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Worst Ever...

Comedy is not supposed to be painful. Tragic news, sad movies, yeah those are painful, but not comedy.

Comedy is supposed to be funny. Shows that call themselves "comedies" should make you laugh.

I caught the end of the Concert for Diana on VH-1. When that ended, a show called "Best Week Ever" came on. I wound up looking for Advil. This show was that painful.

There's just something weird about watching a whole pile of Nobody's sitting around calling other, more famous people, "Nobody's", and when these Yo-Yo's do their spiels, little by-lines flash on the screen. Typically it would say, "John Doe, Comedian" or something like that. Again, comedians are supposed to be funny. I was waiting for one of these mopes to pop a lampshade on his head and do a dance.

Who decides when someone is a comedian? Is that a title you bestow on yourself?

I'm not even sure why I wrote this. I wouldn't want any of you to hurt yourself watching this monstrosity.

Ok, see ya later.

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