Saturday, July 21, 2007

This Is How It Starts...

I was looking through an old Journal of mine and found this. I thought I'd repost it today.

It starts so innocently...a nice way to start your day, and you look forward to it...

Harmless, warm cup o' Joe...

Then, you start to realize, that you're really enjoying your morning dosage...and you see a way to squeeze in just a little more on the way...

...just a little more...

Then it has you. You move to

...the Next Level...

This holds you for a while, and you're content. And then, you're innocently walking along, and you hear "Hey Buddy, check this out..."

...ooooh, a bigger 'fix' can't resist...

And life is good. You handle it, no one has noticed just yet. It's under control.

Until that one late night, a moment of weakness, no one around...and

You're getting in deeper, but you're still holding it one comments on your disposition change as you hunt, crave...

And then you top off. It calls, it beckons, you cannot struggle...perhaps it's a well-intentioned gift, a way to win your favor. They have no idea...Over you go!

The time has come. You're out of control...people are afraid of you, at your mercy ().

It's must regain control! You must face the enemy!

We have met the enemy...and we are THEIRS!

But, who cares? It's GOOD!

Enjoy! Wish I'd had theme music for this one...


  1. If I drink that much I am peeing all day long. No thanks. I stick to the smallest.

  2. I am with Kristen on the "needing of the bathroom" thing--but still...I'm all about the MEGA ONE!

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    hey i have that purple cup....wait a minute, i HAD that purple one....i see it ended up with your collection ;) netti

  4. At this point maybe you should just hook yourself up to an IV. ;)


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