Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Romance Is Over!

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A mere 10 days after it began, my relationship has ended. 10 days of bliss came to a crashing halt today.

Yes, the DVR that I loved so quickly, so recklessly, broke my heart today. OK, well it broke. I called Comcast tech support and told the Lady who answered, "I think my DVR is shot."

Naturally, she had to walk me through the 5-step "troubleshooting" process that I went through prior to calling Tech Support. The call ended when she said, "I think your DVR is shot."

I have to go in and swap it out tomorrow. I'm going to go play Beyonce's "To The Left" now.


  1. Electronics are such fickle things.

  2. Dang, and you were doing so well. We knew it had to end sometime. But see now that you've had DVR for several days you can't go without, can ya'?

  3. I have Direct TV so I had to buy mine. Three months later lightening went through phone lines and zapped my DVR plus computer. UNPLUG phone lines in lightening storms. Computer and TV were off.

  4. Gillie1:15 PM

    Yikes! I am so sorry! The devastion must be!!


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