Tuesday, July 17, 2007

They Didn't Know Jack

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Back in November, I wrote about a local FM station changing its format. For years, 101.1 FM was the NYC area "oldies" station with a pretty big following. The station geniuses decided to take a good thing and "improve" it. They dismissed all the DJ's (some of whom were regarded as rock-n-roll legends in these parts)and went with a new "contemporary" format. A lot of people (yours truly included)were pretty upset about it, since this station was a good one that had been functioning very nicely. Someone just needed to make a name for themself by shaking things up, I guess.

Well, the shake-up didn't go so well. Happily, someone at the station management flexed a little brain-power, and brought back the old format, DJ's and all.

Sometimes "change" isn't always good.


  1. Word. And I hate it when stations 'change things up'. One of my faves moved to a different frequency and I hardly listen to them anymore. They had the best frequency in the valley and they dominated the airwaves. They said the move was to reach more people. Well, if your new frequency doesn't come in all the rooms of my house nor everywhere I drive like the old one did, then I don't see how that's better. Retards.

  2. There are some stations around here that I wish would go back.

  3. OH....I was going to make this same idea as part of one of my entries in my journal. It's one of my pet peeves. I also can't stand the fact that songs that I like are considered "oldies"! UGH!

    Glad you got your station back.


  4. yeah! I'm always glad when the guys with the money see the error of their ways. Reminds me of that old NewRadio sitcom when they came in and kept changing the format....or was that Frasier....or was it both of them! LOL

  5. We used to have a really good station here, but it went poof!, and now we have nothing. I'm stuck with listening to CD's in the car all the time...
    Love ya!


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