Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Z Factor


No one escapes insomnia. It can be chronic or occasional, or even once in a lifetime, but sooner or later, we have a sleepless night, right?

Sometimes we have a lot on our mind. Sometimes we don't feel well, a headache or something, and sometimes we're just worked up and can't sleep.

Then there's the Evil Insomnia. That's the one that has no discernible cause. Body just says, "Nope, no sleep right now, pal!"

And I call it "Evil" because it is. You go through the whole routine...can't get comfortable...can't stop thinking...noise outside perhaps? Pillow won't lie right under the ol' noggin, blanket feels heavy and bunched, and NOT RIGHT DAMMIT. Then maybe you get the itchy-owwies, sporadic itchy spots on your body. Then maybe that little tickle in the throat?

Uh-oh, is that an itch, or A SPIDER IN MY BED???!!!

Then the To-Do List runs through your mind, and then the FORGOT To-Do list.

Then of course, the thrashing as you try to reconstruct your sleep space. Pillow here, blanket there, it's too cold in here, it's too warm, it's now 1 AM!!!

Counting sheep. Ok, 245,983 sheep and the eyes are open. Is that clock brighter tonight?

Maybe tv? Gotta be careful there, you might find something on that you'll get hooked into, kinda counter-productive, no?

Sigh. Resist reliving your whole life in your mind. That's not good. You can't undo what you did, and that girl really did whup your butt on the tennis court.

Think about all the things you could be, stop that, you have to go to sleep. You didn't leave the gas on in the kitchen, idiot, you have an electric stove.

Ahh, we all know the drill.

You can't knock yourself unconscious, by the way. You just hurt your head.

Night now....


  1. Oh can I so relate to this. Story of my life.

    For me, I just lie there awake for NO reason, thinking....."ok, any time now; ok, you're not asleep and you have to get up in like 6 hours...."

    Aside from having to pee so bad and you have no bathroom, this is one of the worst feelings in the world.

  2. lol You completely summed up every restless night I've ever had. I laughed so hard lol Except NOW... I'm tired lol


  3. Well now wait a minute there Mister..I know You have Knocked yourself I have as well...Of course it was when we wanted to stay awake...But none the less...


    Oh and I schmoozed na na nana

  4. You made me literally LOL! Funny stuff, stupid...especially when it's happening to somebody other than myself!!


  5. You did see where I schmoozed you yes?

  6. LOL...i just finished a three day no sleep marathon. now that's freaky. within 3 days you are full blown hallucinating and sleep gets harder & harder to come by as you get more and more overtired. horrible cycle to break out of... finally did TODAY (operative word: DAY!!!) now to get the clock back on line again, hehe. see you in your dreams :)

  7. I don't often stay awake thinking. Maybe it makes me too tired, haha. Best sure fire way to fall asleep I ever learned it to relax your tongue. It's the most tense muscle in the body and if you can relax it, you'll fall asleep. You also get the fun of that weird feeling of your tongue seeming to get bigger as you try to relax it. Very amusing.


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