Wednesday, January 23, 2008


When we think of hospitality, we usually think of good food, drink, a comfortable chair or bed. It's all about feeling good and at ease, right?

There's another kind of hospitality that is way underrated. It's the kind that reaches out and touches your soul. It's never showy, because most outside observers aren't really aware that it's going on. Extending that kind of hospitality is truly one of the most unselfish acts there is. When you're on the receiving end, that kind of hospitality can make you see things the way they really are. It can make you believe that life isn't so bad. And it can make you take a step back from your daily routine and say "thank you".

What's funny is that the people who extend this courtesy would never take credit for doing anything too great. And that's what makes it great.

I'm feeling pretty lucky tonight. And refreshed. All because some people cared enough to extend some hospitality to me. Thank you so much. It really mattered today.


  1. ((Hugs)) Nothing you wouldn't do for any of us dear one....You always put yourself out for others and don't even realize sometimes your words make all the difference in the world. I know I get my daily fix of a smile just by stopping by your journal. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. Jimmy, if there's anyone whose soul deserved a big drink of water, it would be you. I'm glad you got some refreshment. You deserve it.

  3. I often think of you when I hear this word; you are the prime example. And I'm glad your soul was lifted. ;-)

  4. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I know exactly what you mean! Those angels who show up JUST when we need them the most and don't expect even a thank you for what they have done....bless them all. (You've put so much kindness out there, I bet you have a lot coming your way!) ~Jill

  5. Well, that's very nice. Sometimes people surprise you.

  6. What you give,you receive my friend :).

  7. I'm glad your spirits were lifted by someone's act of kindness. We all need gentle reminders now and again that most people have big hearts and truly want us to be happy.


  8. What goes around comes around.
    Kindness begets kindness.
    I truly believe it and you are proof!
    Love ya babe!!

  9. You are such a giving and thoughtful person to all of us out there, no wonder people want to return the favor. You are a true "internet" friend!

  10. PS

    Are you gonna tell us any specifics of this random act?

    I mean, I'm glad you're happy and all...but what a tease!! lol

  11. suzypwr3:30 PM

    It's not so hard to offer people a hand or a shoulder. Real gifts come from the heart and often defy wrapping paper :-)


  12. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I am so glad you had the chance to recieve and enjoy such comforting kindness.

  13. You of all people were justly deserving of the love and care. What wonderful friends you have. They not only see you, they see thu to your heart.

  14. ooooooooooo dig the layout!

  15. Well you deserve it, Jimmy.
    You do so much for people, do you think it goes unnoticed?
    You get back what you give, even when you don't expect it....Ü
    Hope all is well with you & your family~

  16. Anonymous11:11 PM

    There's nothing I could say that hasn't already been said, Jimmy. You are so richly deserving of any smiles or warmth you receive, whether it's in the comfort of those standing beside you or in the kindness of someone far away but close in heart.

    Thank YOU, for the smiles and warmth our hearts derive from your presence and your thoughtfulness.


  17. Thank you...this makes me want to do something nice for someone today! :)

  18. If you give good hospitality, you get it back! You deserve that too mate!


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