Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Annual Encore

While I sit thinking of something worthwhile to write, I'll offer this encore presentation of a previous moment of brilliance idiocy.

For some reason, I have a map of the US Time Zones. It's pretty large, and neatly folded. I don't remember buying it, and I'm not sure how it got in my closet. But it fell off the shelf when I was looking for something totally unrelated.

Anyway, I was looking at it, and I was wondering about something: the borders of the time zones are illustrated in distinct color patterns, and they are fairly clearly defined. What I was wondering is, how small an area actually separates the zones? Are there places in the US where one side of the street it's 8 PM and you go across the street and it's 7 PM?

How cool would this be? You miss a TV program that you wanted to see. You get home as it ends at 9, and you're all mad that you missed it. But wait! It's 9 in my house, but it's only 8 at Larry's across the street! You could run over and bust in, commandeer his TV set, and watch your program! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

And this coolness doesn't have to be limited to something as trite as a TV program. No, you could make some serious use of this time-advantage. Look: you roll over in bed, it's 8:30 AM. Dammit, you're an hour late for work now! But no! Again, it's over to Larry's! Jump in bed, roll's 7:30! You've got plenty of time! And if Larry is a congenial neighbor, he won't kill you for being in bed when his wife is there, and hell, you have time for a leisurely breakfast to boot.

Of course, if you live on one side of the zone, and your job is on the other side of the zone, and you're me, you'd be out of work in no time, because you'd never figure out what time you have to get up and go.

I actually do have too much time on my hands


  1. I'm embarrassed to say that I actually think of things like this.

    : (


  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    you're too it wouldn't surprise me if there are time zones set up like this here i think i read something similar betweens towns just down the road from each other luv ya guy~kbear

  3. LOL!! I have wondered about this too! Linda

  4. My sister lives in one of those places. She actually has double the TV channels, so if she misses her favorite show, she turns the channel and catches it in the other time zone.
    I, on the other hand, have to pay for DVR to get that kind of convenience.

  5. That would really mess me up. It's hard enough keeping track of one time zone.

  6. Well, I don't have time to read this again...I am totally lost on this!
    I need another vacation! Ü

  7. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Ya can record shows on Tivo I have never thought of this....I wonder if it's like that somewhere though now.


  8. LOL. Well, can't say I've spent a lot of time pondering this one myself, but now that you mention it, I can think of one or two times it would come in pretty darn handy!

  9. Bamawmn5:57 PM

    Well... depending on the 'size' of the line that seperates the time zones, is it possible for a house to be in two time zones?? If so, all you would have to do is skip Larry's house.... just head down to one of the rooms on the other side of the house! And who/how decided where those 'lines' really are?? HHHhhhhmmmm.....

  10. Anonymous6:25 PM

    One of my journal friends does work in a different time zone than she lives in. That would screw me up big time!! LOL!

  11. There is a town I know in Indiana that was like this (only part of Indiana participates in Daylight Savings...the tv programs are all set for Eastern Time Zone, no double the chances, and any work places are all set on Easter time as well.

  12. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I've experienced something like this. Parts of Indiana participate in the daylight savings and the other part doesn't. I lived in a part that DID and my church was in a town 20miles away that didn't do the daylight savings time. Anyway, I was late for church. I got there in time for the last hymn. Lucky me! LOL


  13. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Unless you live in AZ, where we never change, the time is always the same, and if you're late, you're just late. Period!
    xoxo ~Myra

  14. Anonymous10:48 PM

    My God, I'm confused.

  15. Betty6:30 AM

    The advantages are very your ideas :).


  16. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Hi Jimmy I get confused living in one time zone ~ thank goodness I don't have to think about time zones ~ Ally x

  17. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Hi Jimmy!
    good thought about the time zones LOL!
    Gem (libragem007)

    [I'm signing in as anonymous cause I forgot my password here at blogger..dang!]

  18. OMG...I used to have to do the time zone dance...

    Its almost like that!

  19. Hehehe...too funny, as usual. And yes, there ARE neighborhoods with that problem, there were articles about it a few years ago...the last time there was a hubbub about time changes. If I recall correctly, Illinois doesn't acknowledge it (I think there is another state, too...blank on that one). And...ehem...I've wondered this very thing...hehehe. ;) C.


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