Friday, January 04, 2008

Over And Over

I've long since come to terms with Internet Advertising. In reality, it's what drives much of the content, much as the way our commercial television is paid for. I've embraced it, I believe it's necessary, and any of us who use "free content" or services, have to accept that it's part of doing business on the Web. Someone has to pay for this Blogger service, just as they do over at AOL.

And the same goes for television. We want TV, we deal with commercials.

I think my only real problem with television advertising is how it seems to be presented lately. One local cable provider here, Cablevision, has branched out into Internet and internet phone. They've improved their cable TV service by converting it to digital format. That's fine.

But what they're doing lately is a big push for the bundled phone/internet/tv package, which they call I/O. They have an incredibly irritating commercial, which is only the beginning. What's putting me out of my mind is that they present this commercial on nearly every break. (think about how often a regular show "goes to commercial"). It ran 12 times in an hour and a half this morning.

And the NY Times is also running a commercial with the same frequency. They're offering a special rate for Weekend subscriptions. But it ran 11 times in that period. I get it, folks, but because of those two commercials, I'm definitely NOT going to order the Weekend Times, nor am I going to buy Cablevision's Triple Play.

Do you think that's what they wanted to accomplish?


  1. I HATE it when they run the same commercial over, and over, and over. It's like "Alright already!"

    I also hate some of the commercials that are even out there. Um, I really don't think we need to advertise for ED during prime time, or any time at all for that matter. Holy Cow.

  2. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Along with running the same commercial over and over, my other gripe with commercials is this: the VOLUME. So many commercials are getting louder and louder, literally screaming at us. Do they think if they just say it loud enough we'll buy it to shut them up? Like you, I refuse to buy products advertised in such a way. So much of the world is becoming loud and obnoxious, I wish there was one big MUTE button for all of them. ~Jill

  3. they don't put their commercials at you once you subscribe...seriously that is all tailored now.

    I got the triple play and I have to tell you, its the best deal going...and most reliable internet I've had since the 82!

  4. :::SIGH:::...I'm a triple play victim...I've signed on to Comcast's "bundle pack". It's actually not that bad. My only concern is that (and from what I understand, this holds true for all non-traditional phone service), should one have an emergency at home, the (11 call is not directly routed to goes through a carrier...sketchy stuff. ;) C.

  5. Anonymous8:04 AM

    I have commercials...and the ones that have a catch phrase, that then becomes mainstream America, then added as the term of the year. Remember, "where's the beef?" The one that really gets on my nerves if the, "can you hear me now?" This commercial is soooo overplayed and just plain dumb...guess if we're using the phrase, the advertising must have worked...if even just to annoy!
    xoxo ~Myra


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