Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kid Laugh

My kids have gotten way too used to me. I don't quite have that element of fear thing going, ya know? I mean, don't get me wrong, when I go all Sasquatch on them, they keep clear, but I don't have that edge like a Drill Sergeant in Marines Boot Camp much anymore.

Tonight I reached into the highest cabinet in the kitchen for the electric knife. And in that cabinet, I've gotten into the habit of stuffing everything I don't have another place for. So yah...


None of the stuff is breakable, but there was a lot, and it made a hell of a racket.

I thought my kids would need to be resuscitated after that laugh. I guess it was the sudden racket, coupled with the fact that it was me getting avalanched on. YaYYYyy!

Anyway, I made them eat liver and onions after that.



  1. Hi Jimmy,
    Yikes ... did you really make them eat Liver and Onions? I'll bet they weren't laughing after that!

  2. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Oh no! Not the liver and onions.....mean daddy.


  3. Tricia1:05 AM

    You, with an electric knife...only memories of you, with that the cig smoke, and a nasty ashtray. HA, picture perfect.

    This is just a normal day for good ol lippy.
    LY MY

  4. Mean, mean!!!! Child abuse making them eat liver :( ...LOL.


  5. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I hate it when my kids see me do stuff like that. They never let you live it down, 5 years later they are like "hey Mom remember when you........." I think I will have to start doing that to them! Linda

  6. So did the electric knife hit you on the head? ACK! :D

  7. hahaha liver and onions. gross.

  8. LOL! Too funny. This kind of thing happens to me more often than I care to admit, only my kids won't eat anything I make, so there's no way to get even :P

  9. live and onions??? can I come over??????

  10. Ahhh...revenge! 'Tis sweet...hehehe. Ummm...Jimmy?...are we in need of a little organizational intervention there, Sir? Too funny. My kiddies lose it when I happen to swear. They burst out laughing and scream...MOMMMY??? And Heaven forbid should one of them pass gas and I ask..Oh my gosh...did you _ _ _ _ your pants? That slip will have them giggling for days. ;) C.

  11. At 5'1 (actually I have to check, I seriously think I'm shrinking here) Nothing is ever in my reach and I'm always under an avalanche. Skye wouldn't laugh , just lecture me about the fact I was short, didn't I realize I would need a stool to stand.....To get a point across whe would reach up and get the illusive item I was striving for to begin with. Kids are just smart-asses with no rules to hold them back (winks). I actually like Liver and onions. (Hugs) Indigo

  12. Anonymous6:17 PM

    NO ONE should ever have to eat liver and onions! *gag* I have some bad memories surrounding that particular combo of food.

    I have an "open at your own risk" cupboard like that in my kitchen! Next time wear a hardhat! hehe ~Jill

  13. That probably means it's time to donate some items to goodwill.

  14. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Sadly, I too, am guilty of mass storing... Especially "junk" drawers. Most people have just one, right? Not me.

    ::blushing:: It's still too painful to talk about...

    LIVER? Onions, I can see... But LIVER?! Now that's just cruel and unusual punishment, sir. Meanie.


  15. Liver and onions is SO mean dad! It won't be long before you graduate to brussels sprouts and boiled spinach.

  16. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Liver and onions? That has to be child abuse! :-)


  17. My grandma used to threaten me with liver and onions if I'd say I was hungry close to bedtime. I always managed to be satisfied just in time to avoid them. Is it really as disgusting as it sounds? I've never tried it.

  18. Oh, Jimmy! You're so bad. My mom used to make liver and onions. I was such a stubborn kid that I would literally sit there at the table and stare at the food -- not eating a bite. I remember sitting at that table for hours on end once. My mom was pretty stubborn too. :)

  19. Ha!

    Liver and onions, blegh.

  20. Anonymous7:34 PM

    liver and onions, lol
    oh man i wish i would have been there too i could have used a laugh :X LOL

  21. I gotta say this and your'e all gonna go yewww, I LOVE LIVER AND ONIONS!!!!! LOVE IT, Good Daddy, nice Daddy lol.

  22. Once word goes out that a parent has gone soft it is nothing but work, work, work.

  23. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Liver and onions is painful when even hearing of it. Great move. My kids have gotten to the point when they're clowning around, that if I start yelling at them, they clown around even more. They know that eventually I will leave the room. I have to go somewhere to cover up my own laughter.

  24. LOL!!! Too funny! Kids... gotta love 'em!

    Liver and onions.. my Mom used to make it when I was a kid. HOWEVER, because I was one of "those" spoiled kids, she used to make me something else. I have tasted liver and onions before though. ;)

  25. Were they laughing after eating the liver and onions???

  26. Oh yummy... liver... (Just ignore the face I'm making. Onions, yum, but liver?!? That's just not right lol)



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