Monday, September 11, 2006

In Memoriam 9.11.01

It's hard to believe that 5 years have passed since that awful day. We owe it to all the heroes and victims of that day, never to forget. I made this tribute in my effort to make sure that we don't.

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  1. Thank you for this moving tribute to 9/11. So many lives lost, so many saved. I have been taking part of a project to honor the lives of those who did not come home on 9/11. The project was the brainchild of D.C. Roe in the 2,996 project. I was honored to draw the name of Carl Asaro. You can stroll through 2,996 bloggers each paying their respects at 2,996 Blogs
    Holding the world in my thoughts and prayers today,
    Auntie Lyn

  2. A wonderful tribute video to all those who died five years ago. I did the 2996 tribute and was assigned Moira Smith, the young woman police officer who died after saving so many. It was very enotional to research her life but I think I learnt a lot from it. Take care Jimmy and thanks for this video, it's truly wonderful. Jeannette xx

  3. This, Jimmy is such a kind way to remember the victims and remind us all about that day.

    As I sat in the airport to catch a ride home this morning they played our national anthem and for each moment an attack happened there was complete silence in the airport. I thought of you during that first moment of silence.

    I hope your day was one that would let you remember the past but also help you look towards your future.


  4. I was wondering if you'd post your original video. I guess not because it was from "Jland" mostly.
    This is beautiful as well. I could have sworn I saw it on some other persons blog without your credit given. Who knows.
    My favorite shot in this one is the little boy and the firefighter hat.
    I did a tribute in my journal...maybe you could check it out sometime.
    Take care,

  5. Those photos gave me chills. I guess it's an event that will never cease to have an otherworldly affect on us, no matter how often we see those images.


  6. Jimmy
    I dont have the words...For the enormity of this all is just too great. Just know you were on my mind..

  7. This song makes me tear up anyway... add the photos and I was just a mess watching it.

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  9. Regretfully -- this is my first time to see your tribute. It is indescribably moving.

    With your permission, I would be honored to post it on the 2996 blog roll and net ring page (with full credit to you) at

    Thank you for sharing.


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