Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I don't usually get too pissed off about stuff I read on the web. Web content is usually very subjective, and one-sided, so I typically dismiss it.Once in a while, though, I read something, and then when I think about it, I get fired up.

But there are some sites that are supposedly aimed at helping people live better lives. And the best way to do that, in my opinion, is to offer objective, unbiased, professional advice.

I don't think too highly of the concept of "Life Coaches" in the first place, but I have a problem with such "Coaches" when they're no more qualified to help others than I am, and when they offer unhealthy, biased opinions on life topics.

Case in point: I was reading something on the AOL home screen. It was something along the lines of "Is Your Partner Cheating on You?". And then the accompanying article proceeds to outline just what women need to look for in a cheating spouse. Then it spirals downward from there, pretty much outlining how men are cheaters, and not to be bashing.

The author does, at the very end, mention that "just as many women betray as men", but that they don't get caught, because they're "better liars, and have a plan".

So wouldn't it make better sense to write this article aimed at the more deceived of the two sexes? And what the hell kind of spin is that? It is almost like a boast when I think about it. "We just don't get caught".

Now, there are plenty of things that are far more important in the world to worry about, but I'm just getting a little tired of this kind of shit. This "content" appears in the feature "AOL COACHES", which are designed to help people lead better lives, but I think it's a nasty pile of shit being thrown out there.

If you're going to write a book for the "Star Magazine" to excerpt, then go right ahead and spew nonsense. But if you're going to include content designed to help people's lives, then take this kind of slanted garbage and pass on it.

Now, please understand, I do not dispute the facts of life.

I know that men cheat. A lot of them. OK?

My complaint is not that men don't cheat.

My complaint is that these AOL Life Coach forums are supposed to be places of healthy learning, with the goal of helping people build better lives, and better relationships, etc. But with this article, two things happened:

An unfair, slanted point of view was offered as advice.

And a seed of mistrust was planted with the comments: "Just as many women betray as men. We're just better liars, and we have a plan. We're craftier."

I just thought the whole thing sucked.


  1. I happen to agree with you on this...100 percent.


  2. Jimmy thanks for the invite glad to be back reading your journal enjoyed and agreed with you on this one Ally

  3. Well after all... it's AOL! Doesn't that explain it all?

  4. Whats up?? I've been to SEVERAL sites/ blogs the last few days that were discussing I missing something lol

    I agree with you Jimmy, and honestly the last place I'd go to for any type of 'help' is AOhell!!

  5. I find just the whole justification thing, men or women wrong. People know cheating is cheating.

    To be a "Coach" and to make such blatant statements....arrrrrg.

    It does suck, 100% sucks.

  6. Anonymous9:18 PM made me angry when I read it too as though it's okay to cheat as long as you don't get caught. Sick.


  7. The whole premise is kind of bad. I wonder how many suspicions were planted in the minds of wives that have faithful husbands.


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