Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Stupid Dozen

Little Survey about food

Have you ever:
1. Bitten half of a french fry, burned your mouth, but then popped the other half in anyway?

2. Tasted something a second time after it tasted as though it had spoiled?

3. Found something in your refrigerator that you absolutely did not recognize?

4. Completely eaten a horribly prepared dinner so as not to hurt the host or hostess' feelings?

5. Screwed up preparing a meal, but then served it anyway?

6. Eaten dinner leftovers the same night you wrapped them up?

7. Made kids eat vegetables you don't like yourself?

8. Drunk flat soda because you were too lazy to go buy new?

9. Made a sandwich of things that don't normally go into a sandwich? ( I once made a sandwich of chicken casserole)

10.Stopped eating a food you always liked because you got sick on it once?

11.Finally tried a food you always thought you hated and then found you liked it?

12.Thrown an entire meal in the garbage and gone to a restaurant instead?

13.Eaten something you caught or killed yourself?

14.Brought home a food item (snack, for instance) and refused to share it with anyone?


  1. LOL..thanks, I needed that.

    (and yes, to most)


  2. LMAO!! I've done #1, #6, #11, and #14. The rest, who knows, I might do them sooner or

    Annie =)

  3. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes!
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. Yes (too often)
    7. LOL no. My boy is far too picky.
    8. Yes
    9. Yes! I am partial to chicken noodle soup, minus broth, on bread. Mac n Cheese on pumpernickle with tomatoes is good too.
    10. YES! fried cheese sticks
    11. Yes. Sushi. Brussle Sprouts.
    12. No... but I've had a meal planned then just got too tired to cook it, so we went out.
    13. Fish, yes.
    14. LOL! Yes...all the time. Folks around here know not to touch my secret stash.

  4. 1. Yes LOL but really, a lot of food that are just out of the oven hot, doesn't usually bother me UNLESS it hits the roof of my mouth LOL

    2. Well my MOTHER made me drink a quart of chocolate milk AFTER it had expired and I TOLD her it was expired. She didn't believe me. Just thought I didn't want to drink the milk even though it was my favorite brand of chocolate milk LOL Then AFTER I drank it all She saw I wasn't lying about the expired date and she felt awful never doubted me again lol

    3. Nope

    4. No. I'll eat some of it to be polite, but then I'll ask if I can take it home in some foil LOL

    5. Well, see that's my Unnatural fear. I love to bake. I can bake anything from scratch and have it be awesome. but COOKING I'm afraid of screwing up Even though I HAVE cooked meals before and they came out fine. I just don't want to waste food. LOL But I'm gathering up more recipes And I am going to start cooking more. My boyfriend cooks really well. So I just let him go with it LOL But I think it would be nice to make some meals too Not just extra tasty desserts ;)

    6. LOL Yes

    7. Nope Not applicable but I wouldn't do that to my kids LOL I would want them to eat vegetables of course, but I outright HATE fungus (mushrooms) and I wouldn't MAKE them eat it LOL I'd let them try it and if they love it Good if not, I won't make them suffer, because I know they'd get that "from" me ;) LOL

    8. Well actually for Original Coke I like it flat or new, but any other sodas? not so much We don't drink Coca Cola though we buy the HEB store brand of Cola (one of the grocery stores here) and We love it MORE than regular coke

    9. No. My mother's specialty is to make odd combinations of food. But a Chicken Casserole sandwich sounds GOOD to me lol

    10.Hmm, no. I love LOVE Spinach. Always have. But I got sick on a spinach quiche/souffle twice. I don't know why. I'll continue to eat spinach though :)

    11. Well There were some veggies I had never eaten (squash, zuccini, okra) I thought I wouldn't like them, but I did and still do :) But if there are veggies that I don't like, there's a very, very strong possibility, it will stay that way LOL

    12. Nope. That whole not wasting food thing LOL But there were days when we were deciding what to have and just couldn't decide, or it would take too long for something to thaw, so we ordered out or I took a cab to pick up something instead

    13. I caught a large grouper (yes I baited the hook myself lol) and my boyfriend caught and killed a shark both of these instances we were in Mexico. I LOVE Shark!

    14. LOL! Well, I'll SAY "Nooooo, you can't have it it's mine all mineeeeeeeee!" But I'm just teasing. I always share food with anyone :)


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