Saturday, September 09, 2006

Little Heartbreaks

One of those times where you just go "siiiighhh".

I had told my kids that I didn't care what activities they chose, but I wanted them involved in something. Just try stuff out, figure out what you like, and go for it. I don't live out my sports fantasies through my kids, I'm not a frustrated actor trying to have a career through my kids. Nope, I just wanted them to get some interests beside video games.

So my son hasn't quite figured out his niche, he's been through basketball, Little League baseball (which was a trip, as a LL parent, I got to cook at the concession stand, oh yay.). My youngest is 7, and seems content with dancing classes and recitals. My oldest girl is the busy-bee. She gets involved to the point where it's a little overwhelming.

Anyway, her Mom told her she had to make a choice and eliminate some of the activities. After a while, between practices, games, recitals, and shows there was a strain on the time meant for schoolwork, etc.

So she chose to eliminate soccer from her menu. Kinda broke my heart, because, as anyone who knows me can tell you, girls and women's soccer has a very dear place in my heart. I was a huge fan of the Women's World Cup and Olympic teams; was a staunch supporter of the WUSA. I just love the game, and to have my girl playing was something we both got to enjoy together.

But, as I said, I won't tell them what they have to do. She made her choice to leave soccer, and as long as she is involved in something, then that's the deal. I have to keep my word.

Just hate it when that happens. I'm gonna miss those games.

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  1. I remember when you did that little stand thing at the game! aww

    I think it is sad that she gave up the thing you loved her doing, but I think it's awesome that you support your kids no matter what. I have no doubt they will always keep you proud and smiling.



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