Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Sound Of Summer

This year's was kind of a "lost" summer for me. I made the best of any time I had, but it passed me by for the most part.

I think what I miss most when summer ends, is the crickets. Their chirping has been the background sound of some of the best times of my life. I've had some of the most intimate, wonderful conversations with the Cricket Orchestra providing the soundtrack.

I think of times with my children. I'd have one of them on my lap, sitting out, under the stars, sharing the world with them in private, hushed conversations. Listening to the many questions, seeing things again for the first time through their eyes.

Knowing that I needed to be careful with my answers, because I was Daddy, and anything I said would be treated as truth. There's just something special about a summer night, and most of my life's cherished memories took place then. Those are times you lock into your heart, and hopefully hold on to forever, because you don't get them back to do over. And it's amazing how much peace you can find within that noise.

I've had my heart broken, and at times have had my world changed, not always for the better, all while sitting out on some deck, some patio, listening to the sounds of the summer night. There's just something that happens; people let their guards down, and you can share some secrets, hopes, dreams, that somehow don't seem to come out as freely in other times of the year. All with the music of the night being provided by those crickets.

But, they'll be back again. And this time I'll be ready.


  1. This was perfect, sometimes you just catch the world off guard and know exactly what to say. You will have a summer night with the crickets again, and your children will still be wanting to sit on your lap and share their secrets. Heck even now I want to go sit on the front porch and share my secrets with someone.


  2. Such a sweet entry...

    But why not find another beautiful sound in which you can make more of these memories? There are so many sounds...so many opportunities. No need to wait.

    "To every season, there is a beauty all its own"


  3. I love the sounds of the summer night too Jimmy.
    Beautiful entry my friend.
    Love you,

  4. perfect observation...

    I am at the point now in life, where my most treasured moments are running home to sit on that porch and just zone and absorb those around me...Chatter and all...

    Its grand isnt it?

  5. Anonymous9:29 PM

    It's truly sad that some people don't sit still or quiet long enough to hear the crickets or nature's beautiful music. I'm hearing it right now along with the humming of my computer. ;0)


  6. hey, if you need crickets - the live Pete's Pond feed is back up :-)


  7. You are so very right. There IS something about those summer nights and the surprisingly easy exchange of one's hopes and dreams. All spoken in hushed tones while the crickets play their songs. It is absolutely enchanting.

  8. PS.
    After a concert of a folk singer...he stated during one song that he couldn't come up with any other title than "The Cricket song". After the show, I went up to him and suggested...

    "The Sound of Summer".




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