Monday, September 25, 2006

Umm What?

I just read an article. I saw a pair of women's jeans described as follows:

[Our] Jeans are made from dry-aged denim that undergoes all-natural processing. Each pair of jeans is made from custom-woven, ring-spun, organic-cotton fibers. They are then brush-painted, dried and cured in California sunlight. Once finished, the sun-dried denim is preserved by a rinse and final dry-age process in an oxidant-free vacuum chamber. [Their] skinny jean has a 7-inch opening at the bottom.

$194 bucks suggested price, too! Per pair. Cool.

Just this once, may I just say "Gimme a damned break" and leave it at that?



  1. i don't want anything that's been dried and cured in the California sun, and i'm certainly not paying to put it on my ass :-)

  2. WTH ... eh ... I am sure the zipper would rip off just cause they are so expensive.

    I am too cheap to pay 200 dollars for a pair of jeans if I can go to jcpennys. Bad Brandi bad bad : x


  3. ::grin:: I saw those advertised. That "spending slut" in me even thought momentarily about buying a pair. Luckily, I was saved by my occasionally absent inner voice of reason asking me what the fuck was wrong with me. I opted for different jeans.



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