Saturday, September 30, 2006


It wasn't an unusual request, at least not in and of itself. It was the "why" behind the request that got me going.

A friend wanted a song recording that was somewhat hard to find. It's a song that's been covered by many artists in 20 years, but he was looking for a specific version, that was "their" song. It was believed to be out of print. And the "she" in "they" died 3 years ago. He had a copy of the song on a cassette tape, but a year ago or so, the tape was lost.

The quest was on, and with a lot of researching, networking, etc. There were at least 10 versions out there, all wrong. Frustrating. But with some luck, I came up with a copy of the tune and put it on a CD.

He dropped of some paperwork from my job yesterday, and I hit him with the CD. He went right to my stereo and played it.

In the next 3 minutes there was a feeling beyond the description of words. I turned up the volume and we stood there. Two very large, grown men, standing in a living room, one crying first, then the other, and not worrying about it.

My friend was happy. He had something back that he'd lost, and at that moment, it was the most important thing in the world to him.

I'm thinking those 3 minutes did a lot for him. I'm sure it did a lot for me.

Two silly, blubbering men in my living room. Not worrying about it. And all it took was a few emails, a couple of Google searches, a blank CD and a couple of minutes to "burn" it.

I hope each and every one of you has a moment of joy like that. Hopefully today.


  1. too Jimmy, as I have had a few myself in the last few months..beautiful pain..painfully beautiful..

  2. was one of those days.
    Your "story" reminds me of that shared opera moment in "Philadelphia".

    This entry is just plain ol' sweet.


  3. PS.
    What was the song?

  4. Oh Jimmy...what a precious friend you are! I just loved this entry.

  5. Colleen6:07 PM

    Hi Jimmy. . thank you for the link. . I never knew about this blog.What a thoughtful friend you are to find the song.

  6. This is why I read your blog when I first started blogging. I think I commented once because blogging was a new thing for me. I did not want to butt in as a stranger. LOL You have a huge heart and I remember the words you used at your sorrow over missing your kids way back when. You're a giver!


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