Thursday, September 14, 2006

Science Test

Science is best dealt with by well trained practitioners. I mean think about it: if some inept chemist messes around with the wrong ingredients, things go "boom" and people get hurt. Or some idiot screws up in the biology lab, people could get very sick, no? And don't even get started about some dim-witted nuclear physicist! We would get rid of those people and ask them not to come back, right?

Technically, politics is a science too. (Poli-Sci anyone? Three semesters of that pain!).

So how come when one of these "scientists" screws up, (things going "boom", people getting sick, etc.) we re-elect them?


  1. They get re-elected because we are all part of the matrix. The electing public are as flawed as the politicians.

  2. I do agree on this one...big time.
    In answer to your question, however, I'd like to believe that people aren't the idiots they seem to be (and do they ever!). I feel that it's somewhat human nature for people to want to stick with what's familiar. That equals safe to many...even when it's not.
    That's why many women (and men) stay in abusive relationships.
    Just an opinion here.

    I'm curious as to what provoked your thoughts on this one.


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