Monday, September 25, 2006


OK so the "authorities" said they're going to relax the ban on those liquids people used to be able to carry on to aircraft.

Now we are allowed to bring bottles of toiletries, medicines, etc. as long as they are no larger than 3 oz. bottles, and they must fit inside a 1 Quart Ziploc-style bag. (Bag has to be clear). And yeah, wise-asses, the Hefty ones are ok too.

Consumable liquids (as in bottled water) that are purchased AFTER you pass through security will be allowed on board as well.

So someone asked "how will they know which ones you bought after you pass through?"

That's easy. They'll just look at the people walking and crying after paying $89.95 for a bottle of water.

They said you can buy bigger toiletries in those shops too.

Sounds like an awesome boon to the people who own those shops, no?

And remember, if you buy a nice big bottle of shampoo in Miami for your trip to NYC, you won't be getting back on the plane in NYC with it for your return home. So easy does it.

So how many people are going to show up at the security checkpoint with 342,434 ziploc bags full of 3 oz toiletries bottles?

"Hey, youuuu said...."


  1. LOL The ending was priceless, if you don't make it to the airport to watch everyone to try this I'll make sure to give you updates.

    I have to admit, if they got past both screening and the gate I wouldn't say anything about any drinks or whatever. I have to shop at the airport too much to know its a pain in the ass to throw away a two dollar twenty ounce coke. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    : D


  2. LOL! I think I will refrain from flying anywhere right now. All of the restrictions confuse me.



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