Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Am I Insane?

I am having some major palpitations here this early evening. I happened to look at the labeling on a can of Pepsi that I was in the process of consuming. Under "sugars" it said "45 grams". I looked again.

Wow. There are 454 grams in a pound. So in 10 cans of Pepsi, there should be a pound of sugar.

Perhaps this is why I wake up some mornings clinging to the ceiling?

Can that be right?


  1. We've done an experiment like this in the 8th grade science class I coteach. The kids get to see how many spoonfuls of sugar are in their bottle of soda. Pretty disturbing. I myself am a Pepsi drinker......I just can't seem to give it up.

  2. The sodium content of foods is what amazes me. Why is it a bowl of Cheerios (proclaimed heart-healthy by American Heart Assc.) has more sodium that a serving of Fritos? And don't even LOOK at sodium levels in any canned tomatoes, ketchup, etc.

  3. Where have you been Jimmy???
    Don't you read labels???
    Between the sugar & caffeine you'd be bouncing off the walls all day long. If you drink caffeine beverages, you better slowly cut back, or you'll have major headaches....but you probably already know that.

    Stick to water, better for you or fresh ice tea, add your own sugar.

  4. You're not insane...not if you keep drinking tons of it now that you know "THE TRUTH". Bwahhhhhahaha.
    Hey, anything in moderation. Knock yourself out...just maybe quit the uppers after a certain time so you can stay on the bed, and not the ceiling, eh?


  5. If it makes you feel better, diet colas are not any better. They have less sugar, but it doesn't help in weight loss any more than having all the sugar.

  6. Speaking of which,(you weren't just being weird me)...I was perusing my archives, as I am very lazy lately, I mean busy, I found this post(
    DOnt know if you ever saw it :)


  7. Scary isn't it? And they don't even have to list on the label how things were genetically modified, or how many chemicals were sprayed on crops, etc.

    But for drinks in particular, the more I read the labels, the more I want to drink water. Boiled water.


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