Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Therapy Nayyy!

Well I was doing really well with the physical therapy. The left leg is about 90% and the right one is about 85% (this according to the therapist, I don't self-diagnose, of course).

Then the back went. Three herniated disks and something called "stenosis" put me in the penalty box. Doc stopped therapy for the time being. I have to go, on Friday, for some epidurals. I have heard some good things about those bad boys. I am, naturally, a little uneasy about getting shots in my spine, but I'll just get up Friday and go. Let 'em do their thing.

I've been out of work since June 27th. I'm at the borderline of stir-crazy, but I can't deny that this spine of mine really set me back. (I am so witty, ain't I?).

So after the epidurals, I wait about 10 days, and go back for an assessment. Hopefully, by then I will be chomping at the bit to get the ok to return to work. I never thought I'd be in a hurry to do that, but I've found out the alternative isn't so much fun. Who'd a thunk it? All kinds of hours to loaf around, heal, watch TV, browse the Internet, and I got bored. Bored is putting it mildly.

Anyway, that's the boring update.


  1. I'd go nuts too. Best of luck with all that.....and hopefully you'll be back to work soon.

  2. Anonymous9:24 PM

    I think you've gone through enough already. Time to get your arse (hope it's okay) back to work and contribute to Social Security again. I'm tired of putting in for you!

    Epidurals are frightening but they "almost" have them perfected. ;)


  3. Good luck...keep us posted.


  4. Well, in spite of all that, you have not lost your sense of humor! Back pain is horrible. My son suffers with that, and has to get those steriod/cortisone shots in his back too. They work for awhile, but then they wear off, and you have to get them again. They do make you feel alot better though.


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