Friday, December 08, 2006


So over the course of a few months this year, I became a big fan of CSI-Miami. I watched dozens of older re-runs on networks such as A&E, USA, etc. Then I began to get caught up in the series, the newer episodes, and even the first-runs on CBS when I could.
It's so weird, and annoying. I was so loving all the early stuff, and then they started all this weirdness. David Caruso's character has evolved into something out of the old Batman tv series of the 1960's, spewing the corniest of one-liners while striking all these "hero" poses. They've turned his Horatio Caine into a caricature. I'm not alone in my complaint there; someone on YouTube has a whole parody going on here
Then there's Emily Proctor's character, Calleigh Duquesne. No matter whom this woman is talking to, she always sounds like she's in bed, about to tell someone she loves them. Either that, or the producers said, "Let's make her talk so softly that no one on Earth can hear her." I lose half the show trying to decipher the "Whisper Talkers". (I had cops in my family growing up, and I have a few friends who are currently on the force...none of them speak in whispers).
But I think the button that got pushed tonight sent me over the edge, and I may have to bid farewell to this show.
Ever watch those people on the cooking shows? When they're doing their mixing, chopping, etc., and the camera pans up to their faces, they always have those contented little grins going on. They're turning out some delicious creation, so, hell, let 'em grin.
But tonight, I'm watching Eva LuRue's character Natalia Boa Vista, painting some dead guy's body with some kind of filler designed to lift a tire-track from the dead guy's crushed arm, and she's wearing that self-same Food Network Grin. Ugh, are you kidding me? She's handling a squashed arm, and she's smiling like Rachael Ray!
Nahh, you lose me there.
What the hell, why do they take these shows and ruin 'em like that?


  1. I love CSI Miami, but I guess I hadn't noticed the changes. As for not hearing the whispers, that wouldn't be a problem for me: My husband is very hard of hearing, and we keep captions on all the time. Of course, that still doesn't give them an actual reason to be whispering, does it?

  2. I refuse to watch any of these shows, they just are too much for me personally. But David Caruso creeps me out, always have. My husband likes to watch it, but I've asked him not to, just so I don't have that horrible feeling going up my spine.

  3. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Hey Jimmy, i just got started watching this show more often myself but if they're going weird like the original CSI did, i'll be outta there....thanks for the second chances at my if i could only get alerts for this journal you're in my thoughts...take care and Happy Holidays...hugz~kbear

  4. omg, jimmy that youtube is too funny!!!!
    here is a fun game for you to play. it is prolly too late this week but then again, you can always find csi miami and it is always 5 o'clock somewhere.

  5. Anne/ksquester11:33 PM

    Really makes me wish Julia Child was still alive and going. It was always fun to watch her mistakes, she made the most of them. The woman was a genius. I wish you would do an entry on the late night info-mercials. I'm waiting for the blender "bass-O-matic" to come on via SNL many years ago.


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