Saturday, December 02, 2006


I figured that online shopping was just what the doctor ordered this year, right? Laid up, can't drive too much, a perfect set-up.

Yeah right. Next year I start my Christmas shopping in April. The online merchants absolutely stink this year, and I hope half of them go out of business. There is no way that I would have known that these morons would be out of stock before Thanksgiving, and not offer any hope of restocking until January. That's just bad business if you ask me. Someone needs to reasses their business practices.

I hope the Amazon dries up and blows away. The company. Not the river. And that it takes with it.

Ok, I'm done being grouchy.


  1. I love Amazon; however I haven't bought anything from them in several weeks, so maybe it's gotten worse lately. Well, thank-goodness for competition; just take your business elsewhere.

  2. I'm a good shopper. Wanna hire me (for a small fee of course)??



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