Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh For Crying Out DEAD!

Oh come on now. I'm sitting here watching Sunday Night Football tonight, and a commercial starts:

This Christmas...

and I hear the familiar old music.

The Theme from Rocky.

Yes he's back, and Rocky is gonna fight again.

HE'S 2000504 YEARS OLD!


The Rolling Stones are bad enough...


  1. I never liked Rocky the first time around, mostly because he just seemed so "Stoopud!" lol That mixed with his NY Accent just didn't sit right with me. Besides, I don't like I laughed when I saw he was coming back in another sequel of Rocky!! What does this make..Rocky XX? Give me a break! lol

  2. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Believe it or not...I have NEVER seen Rocky 1 11 111 1V V VI VII or VIII nor will I see Rocky X. Something about the way he talks drives me up a wall. Kind of like he's talking with his mouth full...that's just plain impolite!


  3. LOL....I totally agree with you!!!
    The Rolling Stones LOOK dead~
    I can't imagine Rocky fighting again....are you sure???
    He must be, like, 60!

  4. ok, I love Rocky. They are some classic films (Yo Adrienne!) I'm excited to see the new one (the theme is playing in my head). He's a little old, but C''s Rocky Balboa.

    Now the Rolling Stones; they need to retire.

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Ha ha ha! I couldn't agree more. The only beauty Rocky holds for me is that it was the work of a struggling actor making his own wedge in the industry.
    I'm just hoping my "Rocky" is a little more fun. :)

    Lady M


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