Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Night Thoughts

So I'm up a little late tonight. It's quiet, and there's not much going on. So of course, that leaves me to think, and that's not good. This is a sample of what's been running through my mind at these hours:

Remember being a kid, and doing something really silly or bizarre, you know, like painting the dog blue, shaving your sister's head in her sleep, lining up the contents of a 1 lb. bag of M&M's across a room (told you I was a problem child) and a parent or teacher would ask you to explain why you did such things? Usually, you'd hit 'em with a "I dunno", and that'd be the end of it. Occasionally, though, you'd really be pressed by the authority figure for a good explanation, and after 90-100 hours you might have come up with one because you weren't getting off the hook without one. You absolutely had to come up with a rationalization for your actions. It wasn't easy, but with the effort, you might have actually thought about it.

Well, there are a few things going on in the world that I'd really like some explanations for. Since it's late, I'm not asking for anything really profound. Nope, at this hour, I'm going for the little, everyday things that I see, hear or read that have me going. So here are a few.

  • How come people will get on a highway (under favorable driving conditions, for the sake of this discussion)and drive 15-20 miles under the speed limit? The road has a posted speed limit, which means someone with a little know-how tested it and figured out the safe speed, right? So by you going that much more slowly, are you affirming the fact that you're just a lousy driver, incapable of handling a motor vehicle?

  • And along those lines, why would you drive that slowly in the left lane of the highway, when you know that the lane is designated for passing? Are you telling people to kiss your butt? Wouldn't they then be justified in kicking said butt if they objected to your sentiment?

  • Another course of action that's always had me curious (as well as annoyed) is the person who whips out a cell phone, and begins talking very loudly. I'm not whining about someone walking down the street; who cares about that? I'm referring more to the lout who does it in inappropriate places like quiet restaurants, or a Doctor's waiting room, or a commuter train. If you do this, could you just tell me, is it like an act meant to provoke other people into a fight? Or maybe it's a genetic problem, such as nature forgetting to provide you with the genetic code for acceptable social behavior? I think that maybe it's just a means with which to draw attention to yourself. Am I right?

  • We object to celebrities who act like morons. We cry out against these folks' obnoxious behavior, we call them "bad examples", berate them for acting like jerks. So then how come we eat up every word, every story that's written, view every second of video we can about that very same behavior? Look at the CD sales, the movie box office takes, the magazine & tabloid circulation increases whenever there is a story about these folks, and you can see that that's the case. Why do we focus so much attention on these people if we abhor them?

  • Guess I better call it a night now!


    1. I get thoughts like these ALL the time...just don't post them. Hmmm...maybe, just maybe I will.

      You make me want to be a better poster.


    2. Anonymous10:49 AM

      You've been Christmas Tagged!
      Check out my journal...


    3. I have a similar blog entry I like to call "Wednesday Whys". Anyway, the reason slow people get into the left lane is because a. they don't know it is a passing lane. Many conversations have revealed this to me; and b. they don't think they are going slow; they think you and everyone else is going fast.

    4. I've said this before: there are a lot of idiots roaming around. I wrote a whole blog a few weeks ago on my top 10 pet peeves of drivers......that was definitely on my list. Drives me nuts.

      As far as celebrities go, I actually boycott certain celebs because I can't stand their politics/behavior.

    5. Personally, I'm embarrassed whenever my cell phone rings in public. It's always my kids, and if they are together, it's usually because they are fighting and I have to play referee right there in the grocery aisle...

      I have random thoughts such as yours everyday. They simply float from nowhere and linger in my head for far too long.

      I AM enjoying your journal. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Hope you have a happy holiday!


    6. Pamela11:27 AM

      I love your journal. You say things that I've thought but never take the time to write 'em down.

    7. I've wondered many of those same things! And, why are we so interested in all things celebrity. I am bad about that. I love all that celebrity gossip. I am a gossip whore! hee

      About those slow drivers in the fast lane? Accck! Makes me crazy!


    I love comments. I won't lie about that!