Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Meandering

Lotta silly thoughts in my noggin today, not enough for an entry by themselves.

So old, exactly, does a rock star get to be before performing is just silly?

And what about this:
There is a damper on Christmas cheer at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: A rabbi's complaint led to the removal this weekend of synthetic Christmas trees that have decorated the entrances every holiday season for the last 25 years.

The man behind their disappearance, Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky, told a Seattle newspaper he's "appalled" that the airport officials removed the trees. His goal was not to clear out Christmas, but rather to add a celebration of Hanukah. He asked the port of Seattle, which runs the airport, to build an eight-foot menorah and hold a lighting ceremony.

Silly Story of the Day

So I'm standing out front of the house this morning. I hear birds, I look up and see a huge flock coming my way, and they're flying in formation. I notice they're holding a big banner that says "DUCK!"
As they get close, I yell, "You're not ducks, you're GEESE!"
I guess that wasn't what they were trying to tell me. Geese poop a lot.

Self-Help Tip of the Day:
Just eat what you want this Holiday Season. Worry about it in January. (Hey, that's what we do with our shopping, right?)
If I cook up a huge smorgasbord, rich with turkey, goose liver paté(yeah, remember the Silly Story), seafood, cakes and pies, and I see you eating celery sticks, things could get ugly.

Why does our society feel the need to have "experts" in just about every aspect of our lives these days?
Re-gifting is being talked about on the news shows, talk show, etc. Shut up. You're beating it to death.
I watched the Today Show this morning, and there was some woman on who calls herself a "Lifestyle Expert". Are you kidding me? That's almost as bad as a "Life Coach". She was telling us how to avoid "gifting errors". These friggin' people are really on a racquet..."gifting errors"...
She offered such amazing tips as "don't re-gift in the same group you received the gift from." Except she put it so cutesy. She said "Don't recast your gift into your Social Pond". What are we now, tadpoles?
Gimme a break.

NordicTrack iFit Treadmill was also on Today. There was a fitness guru demonstrating it, and it comes with a built-in computerized fitness trainer. Guess we don't need a fitness guru around with this bad-boy. Incidentally, Ms. Guru said that you could go to Sears and buy one (yeah, like they'd have them in stock) for $1100, while the screen graphic said you could go to Sears (home of the out-of-stock specials) and buy one for $1400. I wonder if her mistake would count if you try to take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee. Probably not, 'cause the guarantee probably only counts toward in-stock merchandise.

Last thought for the hour:
How come the last few years, all the new "Christmas movies" that come out always seem to be about sleaze-bags and idiots?

OK see ya later!


  1. Yeah, I don't get the 'expert' thing either. Does one have to go to college for that kind of career? What kind of degree is that?

  2. The only thing I don't understand is your point regarding the Rabbi story....
    Otherwise, I'm embarrassed to say, I understand you!

    Nancy : )

  3. Anne/ksquester11:36 PM

    I'll see your goose live and raise you a beluga. (never could stand those salty eggs) But the butter in the pate' hmmmmmmmm Anne

  4. Anonymous8:18 AM

    lol, sleease bags and idiots that regift in the same social pool, what a day, lol, have a good one Jimmy, Missy

  5. Hi Jimmy!

    Loved your meanderings Jimmy and thanks for the lowest deal site.

    I re-gift and see nothing wrong with spreading that commercialism around;)

    what a shame they removed those trees with one complaint.

    What's up with the Gap?

    Good to read ya Jimmy!

  6. Pamela8:21 PM

    The story about the airport really irritated me. BIG time! I shouldn't have let it...but it did.

    I want that "expert" job on lifestyles. I can do that. Sheesh!

    If you cook a nice meal like that you'd NEVER see me eating celery sticks. Nope. Not a one!


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