Friday, December 15, 2006

Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop

So, having eliminated the poison a little, we go forward.

I'm fair, if nothing else. I made quite a ruckus moaning about the places I got hosed on the Internet this Holiday Season. But there were more than a few goodcompanies who were only more than willing to take the money I originally intended for amazon and Quick list: - I ordered, the package was delivered quickly, and the order was accurately filled. - if you're in a jam, trying to get toys last minute, they really do stock some of the more popular items. - These fine folks had every video and pc game I could think of. In stock! - Another company with whom I was willing to share my shopping money. They actually have stuff you can buy! Very happy boy here, I can tell you that!

I'm sure I forgot some, but I'll check and come back if I did. Bye now!

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