Monday, December 10, 2007


Did ya ever have this happen?

You do something, you think about it, then you apologize for doing it. What you don't realize is that the person totally agreed with what you did, and isn't mad, so they tell you something like, "oh don't worry about it". But you don't feel like you're off the hook?

Now you're unsettled, so maybe you apologize again, and in trying to convince yourself that it's all good, you wind up making them mad?

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  1. Alright jimmy....what'd you do?

  2. have NO idea how much I can relate to this post!

  3. lol... what did you do?

  4. Holy put the nail on the head on THIS one. I can so relate!

    Good insight.


  5. you probably did something I did!!

  6. All the time! I infuriate people because I can't stop apologizing enough.....Then again there are people that don't care if they offend you and tend to leave you hurt.....I would rather be the one apologizing at the risk of overdoing it....(Hugs) Indigo

  7. Ohhhh I SO know what you're saying. LOL
    Guilty of this.

  8. And then you have to hit them over the head with a miniature ceramic bust of Wittgenstein and bury them in a shallow grave next to the abandoned train depot? Yep, been there.


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