Sunday, December 02, 2007

An Open Appeal!

One thing I have come to understand is that Blogging can be a source of great information.

So here's my situation. In addition to his cancer, Pop has fallen victim to colitis. He's also been a long-time sufferer of diverticulitis, as well as major lactose-intolerance.

Stay with me now...

So part of the job-description for me has been preparing meals. I'm living with my kids and their Mom, so pulling off meals that Pop can live with, and the others can enjoy has not been easy.

Now I have been consulting a lot of websites. The diverticulitis is seeds, nuts, popcorn, etc. Don't cook with them much anyway. But the colitis is a tough cookie. There is no "Colitis Diet" so to speak. There are some definite foods to avoid: high-fat things like bacon and sausage. Meats need to be lean, which can often translate to dry. But mostly, you keep track of "trigger foods" which can set off an attack, and avoid them in the future. Sadly, "trial and error" can mean a few flare-ups while we learn.

So I've come up with a few sure things to go with in the "safe" category. Chicken and turkey sit well with him. (stuffing doesn't!). You kind of go against convention in that you are advised to avoid high-fiber foods. Eggs are good, and low-fiber foods are acceptable, especially during flare-ups.

Well, after cooking all the "ok" dishes, I find that the menu is rather limited. There's a lot of foods out there that he used to love, but can't have any more. He can eat pancakes just fine, just no sausage. Bacon is out. Most pork foods are out, as a matter of fact. Foods that start out ok can wind up in fatty recipes. He doesn't care much for stews and casseroles, which are usually fatty in nature anyway, but chicken-breast cutlets, lean cuts of pork (tenderloin) do ok. I made a dry-roast eye round of beef which sat pretty well with him, so there is a lot of confusion here at Chez Stupid, you know?

Anyone who cares to be kind to Stupid here, contributing a recipe to me would be much appreciated. If it fits in the comments I'll keep an eye there, or you could use the contact link on the top right of my page. I would really appreciate it. Managing the menus for Pop, a teenaged girl, a growing boy and an 8 year old girl, along with their slightly-finicky Mom has been quite the challenge. Maybe a reality show is in the works!

Thanks in advance. I really need your help!


  1. Since I'm not much of a chef, I'm of no service.

    Can I hire you to come cook for me? I would love that.....

  2. LOL, Kristen, if you promise you're not finicky, I'll come and do it for FREE! I actually love to cook and in my mind see myself on The Iron Chef show on The Food Network!

  3. Ever had chicken marsala? It's quick and easy...and lowfat. Its got think sliced chicken breasts and a little flour and chicken broth and mushrooms and marsala wine...I erve it over egg noodles. Whole wheat ones.

    Let me know is you want the recipe.

  4. Jeanne, I would definitely like the recipe!

  5. Anonymous5:09 PM

    hey lippy im not too sure as we eat the same things day in and day out here

    i would cook chicken and just try to alter it as much as possible with trial and error

    can pop have mashed potatoes?

    how about ground turkey??? that is good in maybe lasagna or spaghetti and less fat than beef.

    i will brainstorm for you
    xoxo ly

  6. So to summarize: no nuts or seeds, no dairy and lean meats? Is that it?

    I'll look through my book and send you what I've got. Most of what I have appeals to picky eaters since that's all we have around here ;)

  7. I was told to stay away from all fruits & vegs. when I had a problem. Mashed potatoes were fine, cereal, I think maybe yams....find out about that. Thats an excellent veg. but high in carbs, for me, I need to stay away from all that stuff...; (
    I would think a high carb diet would be what he needs.
    Your kids need a well balance meal. I know how hard that is, but maybe your ex can help you out??

  8. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Maybe this will help:

    Also, The Crohns and Colitis Foundation may have other sources that are helpful, as well as a messageboard where you can exchange recipes with other patients. Good luck!

  9. Anonymous7:45 PM

    When people have tender tummies, we recommend the "Brat" diet. Bread, rice, applesauce, and toast. These things are supposed to be easy on the tummy. Maybe if you use the brat diet and combined it with your other things that you know he tolerates it would be helpful.
    Easy things like Cream of Wheat, plain oatmeal with honey, puddings, soups without too many harsh veggies. I know it's tough to please everyone! You're such a sweetie for doing it.
    You can come cook for me anytime!
    Pam xoxox

  10. door is open. You are totally invited.

    (And I'm maybe slightly picky, but not to bad)

  11. I use way too much fat in cooking to help. Know anywhere you can get venison? Buffalo is lean too. There's a place near my grandma you can order from. If you want some different kinds of meat anyway. You try ? They've got tons of recipes for special things and they have a nutritional list on every recipe. Hope that helps.


  12. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Good Luck with the cooking... Hope you find something that works for the whole crew! I cook for one and only a couple times a week at the most. Hugs to Pop!!
    Jackie aka Bamawmn

  13. Rap41436:47 AM

    Jimmy thi might help.

  14. Wow. Turkey is in everything these he should still be able to enjoy an occasional "sausage" with his eggs/pancakes. It's also really easy to dress up...any of the lowfat cheeses cook really well in turkey (burgers/loafs). Have you tried buffalo? Or venison? I love them both. Call a local taxidermist...see if they sell unclaimed processed deer...ours do. Buffalo has come down in price a bit, but it's still pricey...worth the health benefit and taste though.

    I'll see what I can find. ;) C.


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