Monday, December 10, 2007

Secret Santa Time

OK so I got a reminder, and for once I'm going to actually do something on time. (thanks for the reminder, by the way!)

So if you indicated that you want to participate in the Secret Santa, here's how we thought it would work best:

  • Send your address to Jaime or to can email it using the contact Stupid link on the right

  • When you send your address, please include your name! Then, indicate whether you want to use a Screen Name or Nickname instead of your real name when your info is shared with your Secret Santa.

  • When we have all the names, we will randomly assign each person someone to send a gift to.

  • Remember now, the gift should be something that kind of represents the state you live in. It can be a souvenir with the State name on it, or something like that. Nothing crazy expensive...this is for fun!

OK, so start shooting those addresses to us (and if you can please put Secret Santa Address in the subject line)

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