Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Morning Basketball

My 8 year old signed up for Instructional Basketball at the school. Starts at 8:30 and goes for about 90 minutes.

They run the clinics at 8:30 and 10 AM so they split it by age, and my group today is 2nd and 3rd graders.

So funny, the little girls are so serious and intense, but all the boys are interested in is diving for the ball and sliiii-iding across the floor. They spend more time on the floor than anything.

Great group of coaches. It's fun to watch people who know what it's about, dealing with little kids. Takes talent and brains, you know?

Is there anything better than seeing little kids' faces as they accomplish something new?


  1. Isn't it great when the kids can just enjoy the game without the competition part getting in the way?
    Some parents just get out of hand & make it unpleasant for the children.
    We have that in our town, all kids play, it's a learning program & run by the community overbearing parents! Ü

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Testing AIM

  3. "Is there anything better than seeing little kids' faces as they accomplish something new?"

    Nope. Not a thing.

  4. Innocence and joy at it's best. Gotta love it.

  5. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Boys and girls are so very different, aren't they? You gotta love it! Basketball is a great skill to acquire so young, for either boys or girls.

    Jackie aka bamawmn

  6. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Both my girls play basketball (as well as field hockey and softball), and it truly is a highlight to watch them play and bond together with their teammates.

    It is also why I do what I do... Every day, I am awarded with the smiles and enthusiasm and appreciation (most of the time) of little ones as they gain knowledge and triumph over challenge. There's nothing like it at all.


  7. Anonymous12:24 AM

    You are going to have so many great memories from this!!! I really enjoyed coaching Courtney's cheerleading team. I had all the five year olds and we had a great time!! They are a lot of fun and so happy to learn and build confidence. Merry Christmas Jimmy!
    aka AdventuresFromFlorida

  8. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I know what you mean. My granddaughter was always dead serious when playing T-ball. At 6 that is hard to do, LOL. They are so cute to watch.


  9. Ohhh I used to be one of those kids!! LOL
    It's great!

  10. No. There's not lol Kids are the best.

  11. My little niece sung at the albert hall the other day in a choir. When they sun Nessan Dormer (bad speeling I know) there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


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