Friday, December 14, 2007

Techno and Some Other Stupidicity

For those who ascribe to the idea that nothing is impossible, I offer the following statement for consideration:

"Hold on a second, I just want to install this program quickly on my computer..."

I've been thinking about which gift is going to be the one that I try to get last-minute and spend 8 hours racing around trying to get.

I would imagine that if I should get to be 173 years old, I would probably start getting excited to wake up in the morning, no? That's kind of a ways off though.

If every single person in the country turned off the TV for 24 hours starting next Monday morning at 12:01 AM, how freaked out would the Nielsen Ratings people be?

I've often heard that when you die and go to heaven, all your questions will be answered. But do you think if I ask St. Peter where the hell all those socks that disappeared from the dryer are, he'll put me out?

And I'm many of us actually eat the stuff we bring home in doggy bags? I would imagine shrimp scampi is not a good idea for Fido, ya know?

And since I about lost my mind here tonight...I was talking about apologizing the other night, and then I thought of this: Did you ever have a moment where you were really snotty, or mean to some stranger that you know you'll never see again, but then wish you would so you could say you're sorry?

Ok that's enough I guess.


  1. Anonymous1:01 AM

    You are on a roll!! Have a good weekend.

  2. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Jimmy I have often wondered where those socks disappear to when they go in the dryer ~ Ally :o)

  3. Gaboatman5:18 AM

    My favorite was the first one about trying to "quickly install a new program on the computer. Great stuff and a good chuckle, Jimmy!

  4. Martha8:52 AM

    Thanks for the morning chuckle. Just for the record -- I don't have a dog and I sure don't feed that stuff to Squirt the turtle!

    Have a great weekend! :-)


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