Sunday, January 04, 2009


You know when you're sitting around, relaxing, nothing much going on...and then it hits you? Something you'd forgotten to do, or forgot you have to do tomorrow???

My kids have all been off from school since December 22nd. Their vacation ends in the morning.

Oh but they will try try try to extend the hiatus at any cost. I can see it now...6 AM alarm clock goes off, Dad goes to each bedside and the tales begin:

  • I don't feel so good

  • My stomach hurts

  • I think I might have malaria or something.

  • I took my temperature Daddy, it was 208°

  • It's still Sunday, Dad

Yeah I was all calm, cool, relaxed and enjoying some Sunday football.

But who can chill out with all these pending medical disasters!

My stomach hurts.

Maybe it's the mumps or something.


  1. My throat hurts. Tuck me in, please. And a hot toddie would be nice.

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Who knows, maybe they'll surprise you and look forward to heading back to school? O.K., even I don't really believe that ... but maybe they won't grumble so much ...

  3. Hang in there Dad, maybe you'll get a freak snowstorm and they'll cancel school! Or you'll tell them to get up and get going anyway!

    Happy New Year! Leigh

  4. Hehe. There are things I miss about going to school, but it's mainly the excitement of summer vacation. I don't blame them at all for "getting sick."

  5. LOL after being off for over 2 months on disability I get to work from home starting today... guess what???? I don't feel good.

  6. Parker actually wanted to go back to school. Go figure. I was actually hoping for a, "I don't feel good, mommy."

    But no.

    He was literally jumping with excitement.


  7. I thought all those same things when I realized I had to go back to work this morning! Linda

  8. lol I miss these days of trying to skip outta school


  9. I was lucky, the boy actually wanted to go back to school. The only thing he was sad about was not being able to have video game time anymore during the week!


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