Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving Forward 2000 IV

I remember waking up that next morning. It was a work day. I moved out on a Sunday. Brilliant. I quickly decided that the job would have to wait. I needed to raise my living space to at least one level above a campsite.

I thought about my first decision: furniture. It was the first time I smiled in a while, because I found it amusing that I could go furniture shopping and buy what I wanted. My choice.

Those feelings started to surface more and more. If you don't like the life you had with me, Lady, keep yours and I'll start my own. I could have that living room set, this chair, that bedroom set, this mattress. And it was a series of choices that kept me somewhat distracted. It was fun doing it, just not fun thinking about why I was doing it.

I was able to get phone service pretty quickly. I don't know if that was good or bad. I had a phone number, but no one was going to call it. And I didn't want to call anyone just yet. That would mean admitting what happened.

A lot of things fell into place rather quickly. I was able to get a living room set, and a bedroom set, right in the same store. And the Lady in the store seemed intuitive. She made every effort to have the order delivered quickly. She said she knew it was important. She was very kind. I know that because I remember her, almost 9 years later.

It wasn't so bad. People will help if you let them. I liked the help, not so much because I needed it really, but the kindness was sweet. I was building a new situation, step by step. But for the time being, I was sleeping on the floor another night.


  1. Okay...that would be fun. Picking out everything you love and not having to worry what anybody else thought.


  2. Putting your personal stamp on living space is a must do, to finding some measure of peace. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Ah yes, I remember that first shopping trip for decorations, etc. It was definitely liberating!

  4. The beginning of a new journey, full of ups and downs.

  5. Glad to know you didn't have to camp out long...and that was nice knowing you could buy what you wanted!

  6. I am sure being able to pick out what YOU want was very freeing!!!


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