Monday, January 05, 2009


Life often starts to regain a sense of normalcy when the dumb, silly things we're used to make their reappearances.

Fortunately for me, things are at least peeking out, like the sun first breaching the horizon.

Here are a few "for instances":

  • I dropped a bowl of chocolate pudding on the kitchen floor. me...the bowl from which you serve the 8 portions you were planning on sharing. Incredible how much ground that stuff covers when dumped.

  • I found a lost file folder in just under 15 minutes. It was discovered underneath the briefcase I had placed down upon it just over 15 minutes prior, when I'd begun to search for it. How's that doin'?

  • I still have Magic Money, too, of course. You know what I mean. It's the $20 bills that somehow transform into $1 bills whenever I put them in my pocket.

  • This is not to be confused with Vanishing Cash. That's the kind you put into your wallet. You'll have $100 until your daughter asks for lunch money early some morning. I guess kids should have lunch at The Ritz once in a while, right?

  • A little earlier in the evening, I ranted a bit about a Circuit City commercial on TV. "How the heck long are there going to Christmas Clearance sales," I wailed.
    "Dad, this is a recording." "Oh."

They say that admitting something is the first step. But that doesn't mean it's always a GOOD step. In the past couple of weeks I've come clean about my enjoyment of:

The Notebook
I've heard this movie described as the quintessential Chick Flick. I've watched it twice. I don't think I'm a woman though.
Liver and Onions with Bacon
I actually ordered this at a restaurant lately. Leave me alone, alright?
Sports vs. Sportless
I wanted to watch The Orange Bowl when the kids were watching Disney Channel. I got into the show they were watching. I do not know who won the Orange Bowl.

Leave me alone.


  1. ::hands in the air::

    I'm leaving you alone.
    I like a guy who watche chick flicks...over and over again. :)

    The liver and onions, on the other hand? Eeek.


  2. I have so been there with the pudding drop and the MESS! I swear I was finding pudding for days after, at least it felt like it.

    I've never seen the Notebook. I migh have to ask if my daughter has that movie.


  3. Happy New Year Jimmy ~
    Isn't it amazing how far chocolate pudding can go when you drop the dish ~
    I havn't seen "The Notebook" but will put it on my list to see ~ I think I will pass on the Liver but I would love the onion and bacon :o) Ally x

  4. I married Dave because he watches only one sports team and cried while watching The Notebook. He is all man to me. ;)

    Bowling was a perfect middle ground and you got a great deal.

  5. Grrr, just posted a whole comment that got eaten.

    Basically, I might have to try watching The Notebook. I'm not much of a chick flick kind of girl, but coming recommended from a non-chick...I might consider it :)

  6. LOL a recording

    i miss entries by lippy like this!

    cheered me up :)

    dont spill anymore pudding


  7. I LOVE The Notebook. I just read the book again!

    Pudding is very dangerous! I had a pudding cup that just jumped out of my hand onto the carpet recently. You should see the stain from that! :)


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