Friday, October 20, 2006

And Another Damned Thing...or two

North Korea's President or whatever the hell he is, reportedly apologized to a Chinese Envoy over the recent nuclear tests.

BULLSHIT. He's only covering his ass because the North Koreans thought they were testing a nuclear bomb, and it turns out their "bomb" was nothing more than a firecracker.

Ain't so tough now, huh?

Oh for God's they're telling us bread can cause cancer.

And this John Mark Karr...the pyscho who claimed to have killed JonBenet Ramsey...can we stop hearing about him now? He's worthless. Today's news included the story that he went home to live with his father.

Oh goody.


  1. Karr, is crazy - so is the president of Korea. - YUP.

    You ARE cranky, but we like you this way! : ) I would hate that someone has a "quick moment" to ask for a favor. You are way too good to everyone! I'm a lucky girl to have you as a friend. If I had you on the phone I would yap your head off though ... I'm a phone talker when I am on it. : x

    Dayum! Thats Hurricane Rita traffic right there! Haha, kidding. Actually that does make me wonder what happened to all of those cars? Oh and smoke thingymabobs ... never seen one!

    Your baseball entry went right over my head. LOL I'm just not a sports girl.

    Glad THERAPY is going good for you, cause you did walk and thats all that matters. I hope you feel better soon, cause um ....

    Dove has the best commercials ... I love them and thats one of my favorite videos! : )

    Did I get to almost everything?/?

    Gaw I need to start reading every day. : )


  2. Ok Crank-butt! See I needed to come and get cheered up! LOL The fact that my husband's returning from Iraq hasn't done it! ROFL

    I believe the apology out of psycho N.Korean president as much as I believe that Clinton didn't have sexual relations with little ol' Monica.

    Ok, I'm off to catch up on all you've written since I was last here!


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