Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Time to Time

Sometimes a man wants the same thing that a woman wants. Sometimes a man sits home and hurts over the same things that women do.

From time to time, a man sits somewhere by himself, feeling that same sense of emptiness that results from a lost love; a part of his life that is now behind him, only it hasn't taken all the hurt away with it. As many differences as there are between us, the heart is the common ground, the one part of our souls that is nearly identical. Pain is pain, and tolerances vary, but there is a time when a man will sit and feel the very same anguish.

And we share happiness as well. Life isn't always about the sad moments. It's just that something stops for a while when we are faced with heartache. We can live on quite freely when times are good. It's just not as easy when the pain stares you in the face. We don't suffer from happiness, we share it, we show it, we live it.

Some of us know very well the value of true love in our lives. We know that lost love has nowhere to go when its time comes. Nothing disappears completely. We discard something in the trash, it may go out of sight, but there will always be remnants of it somewhere. And love is no exception to this. We may put it out of our minds eventually, maybe turn our backs on it, but somewhere, deep down, it will always exist.

It's just healthier for us to let it go, to lock it away in that little place in our heart that we rarely, but sometimes go back to. But there are those times where some of us hurt the same way, and it's not so easy.

Sometimes we miss you too.


  1. Holy Crap. This just reached into me. Ouch.
    Just finished watching "The Lakehouse"....a sappy, but rather intense movie about love...lost and found. Whew!

  2. You've left me speachless (which is something to be proud of lol). This was something to think about. Great entry.


  3. You are out-doing yourself lately with your writing.

  4. That, my dear, was one of the sweetest things I have ever read. You have touched me.

  5. ALl I can do is just smile Jimmy....
    You have managed to just have that clarity and wrap it words that just say what it is...

  6. colleen6:08 PM

    Those words came straight from the heart.


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