Monday, October 02, 2006

Warm and Fuzzy

You know, when it comes to death, one second you're alive, the next you're not. Doesn't matter how it happens, no matter how long you hang on, there's that moment: alive one, dead next.

Pretty simple, right?

Our lives are full of "one minute you are, the next you're not" moments, but somehow, they don't appear to be so easily defined. They can be very confusing, unlike death, but like death they suck when you figure them out.

Like aging. It takes a while, but there has to be one moment when you're no longer young, right? Is it a weekend thing? Like some Saturday night, maybe when you turn the clocks ahead, you're suddenly old? Hey, I know most people think it's a gradual process, but there is that one moment in time when you cross the line. You either are, or you aren't right?

Oh we try so hard to fend it off, hair dyes, line creams, tanning solutions, but it's inevitable. You get to the point where one more facelift and you wind up walking around with a bare skull. It's sad, but true.

Makes me of these days, Madonna's going to parade out on stage in one of the slinky outfits, and everyone's gonna go "Ewwwww" and be all creeped out. There is a point where a woman has to stop dressing like that!

I think though, the more traumatic life event isn't getting old, but rather turning warm.

As in un-cool.

Again, you can fight the good fight. You can try and stay cool. And my generation has the Internet to try and hold back the moment. I mean, you can try and stay hip by cruising something like myspace (although if you're a parent, this could make you kill yourself, and then you could have stopped reading this after the first paragraph).

But the thought of some ol' Biff standing with his kids and at the wrong moment blurting out something like "fo shizzle", well hell, I wouldn't want to do that to a kid. Their lives are hard enough.

There is a moment when you would be on that brink. And you stay quiet.

The kid knows you stayed quiet. You see a look of gratitude for keeping your trap shut.

So maybe you get to be cool one more day.

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