Saturday, October 28, 2006


I sit with the TV on almost every moment I am awake. Most times just for the background noise, because since June, I think I've watched everything ever filmed.
Anyway, tonight I'm half-listening to a commercial for a board game called Balderdash. There is a voice-over, and I swore that the guy described the game by saying "That f*ing game where..."
I was watching on a set that had a DVR. I rewound the commercial, and even with my full attention, it sounded like "That f*ing game where..."
But, all is well. The actual phrase was "That bluffing game where..."


  1. Balderdash is actually a fun game...although you really don't need to buy the game. We used to call it "Dictionary" or also known as "Bulls*"
    Anyway, funny what a tired mind can think it's hearing, huh?
    (Maybe they were doing a subliminal thing there)


  2. Jackie7:26 PM

    It's so easy to misunderstand sometimes!! I remember growing up and watching game shows, they always gave the looser 'party gifts.' It wasn't until about 10 years ago that someone said it well enough for me to realize they were saying "PART-ING" gifts. And I thought for all those years they were providing a party...

  3. ....we're two peas's in a pod...

  4. ::handing you a super powerful hearing aid to use...grinning and skipping off to your previous entry::



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