Thursday, October 26, 2006


I'm sitting here, and I'm seriously considering writing to the admin at Blogger. I want to ask them if they are taking lessons from the good folks at and AOL because lately, well Blogger just sucks. It's down a lot, there are a lot of site errors, and just plain service outages. There really is no ground to stand on, because this is a free service and all. But I own the domain, and I do have hosting of my own. I just kind of like the publishing platform that Blogger runs. Well I have, for the most part. The last 10 days have been a major exception to the satisfaction.
I hate to give it up, because Blogger has, up till recently, been a great way to publish a daily blog.
So what's up, Blogger people?


  1. I am working on my own domain...
    Plus the Man is building our own server, apache this, this dod ad..mumbo jumbo


    I hear ya Jimmy! I hear ya!

  2. Amen my brother!

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I'm new to blogging and it's been a bit disappointing- especially beta blogger!

  4. Amen! And if it's in service anymore, it has "errors." Well, I guess I get what I pay for.


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