Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Anybody There?

Just in keeping with the last article I put here, there is another side to the situation I'd just like to touch on.

Is it me, or are there fewer and fewer places that one can go to to get some "alone time"? It seems to me that, no matter where you go these days, there's "always somebody there". In my older days, if you had to head out on the road at some ungodly hour of the overnight, the one consolation was that you'd at least have a good portion of the road to yourself, making for a somewhat easier drive.

Now I don't know about you, but I am never going to "be ok" with a traffic jam on some highway at 3 AM. In my world, "patience" and "driving" have never been particularly fond bedmates. But I'm thinking it's a rare person who could sit in bumper to bumper traffic at that hour of the night.

And it's not just the roads that seem to be permanently "sleepless". I think about just 11 or 12 years ago, if you found yourself in dire need of some baby supplies, or something like that, and it was well past midnight on a weeknight, you didn't have to bother dressing up too much because you could pretty much count on a quick "in and out" of the convenience store at that hour.

Not so, anymore. It seems like no one calls it a day anymore. Everywhere you go, there's somebody there! On a recent, rare, day off I packed the kids into the car and headed out to our old "desert island" type retreat. It's what I thought was a little-known little recreation spot that's tucked way up in the corner of State parkland. Little parking lot, picnic area, and usually, the only other soul you might meet was the solitary Park Ranger who might be making the rounds.

This time, however, the parking lot was jammed full, and there were people everywhere! I mean, I'm not completely anti-social, but damn, it would have been nice to just plop on the grass somewhere and hang out with the kids.

Seems everything has become an "attraction" now. Rush hour is pretty much 24/7, and you have so few places to go where you can just go.

Any thoughts?


  1. I agree, too many people out there! I miss going to get the morning paper at the local grocery store in my nightclothes. lol

    I admire your last entry btw, I think if anyone needs to seek help and werent going to that your entry could change their mind.


  2. Yes, it's sad. Seems people are always chasing solitude...and when they find it, they pray they can hold onto it before others find their little "secret".
    I want to move to a quieter area...but then, hypocrite that I am...don't want anyone else to move there.
    My advice? Seek out another spot and don't tell anyone. Never stop seeking...

  3. I'm blessed with solitude any time I want it. Our house is surrounded by neighbors, but I can walk toward the back of our 43 acres and spend time at the humble "cabin" my husband fashioned for me, and I am not bothered by a single person.

  4. cassie11:28 PM

    shit i hope were not the next china :( lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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