Sunday, October 15, 2006


Oh I met a psychic over the weekend.

I was gonna rant and rave over my opinions of these kind folks, but I figure this:

If they're really psychic, they know how I feel already.

If they're claiming to be, but aren't, then I don't care.

My work is done here.


  1. Anonymous12:36 AM

    LOLOLOL! i like this one Jimmy:-) anyways, thanks a bunches for your prayers for my son(nephew) much appreciated...i also just took another road trip today and posted photos there's 116 photos, so if and when you get the time and wanna check them out, please do

  2. No kidding. I don't know why people keep falling for this stuff. So bogus.

  3. I think you've got the two options incorrect. They should be:

    1) They are not really psychic, but claim that they are.


    2) They are not really psychic, but are deluded and think that they are.

  4. faircolleen4:03 PM

    LOL LOL. . I fall for these people every time and they have never told me anything I dont already know.

  5. Anonymous7:43 PM

    thank you-that means alot

  6. LOL, I think sometimes people want to believe it so much just to make themselves feel better. I agree with your theory though! If I ever meet a "real" one I am going to ask where my damn baby doll went when I was eight!

    If she (or he) can't answer it then bahumbug! : )



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